First in a series of weekly columns from Nigel Jones, UKIP’s PPC for sunny Eastbourne by the sea, as illustrated.

Juncker and Cameron

Junking Juncker – Or Not

Unless it’s a double bluff, and Frau Merkel, aka the Empress of Europe, will at the last moment junk J-C Juncker and throw her considerable weight behind David Cameron’ s much-trumpeted opposition to the wretched man, thus allowing Dave to claim kudos for blocking the move, we only have a week or so before Merkel anoints the former Premier of little Luxembourg as President of the European Commission.

We know that Dave is as slippery as a buttered eel, but how on earth will he slither out of this one? His pretence at negotiating ‘real reforms’ in the EU will have fallen at the first hurdle with the election of the federalists’ favourite federalist as the new top dog in the Brussels kennel. At a stroke, Cameron will be exposed as the limp glove puppet of Britain’s new masters that we have always known him to be, and his vaunted ‘influence’ in Europe will have been flicked away with a contemptuous twitch of Frau Merkel’s feather duster. Say it isn’t so!


A Cautionary Note Re. Referenda

It was that wise old Labour owl Clement Attlee who disapprovingly described referenda as ‘a device for despots and dictators’ – which is why they were kept out of Britain’s body politic for so long.

They were indeed often used by European dictators – most notoriously Hitler – to give a semblance of popular support to their awful regimes. Our own experience of the referendum has not been altogether a happy one either since Harold Wilson’s 1975 vote on whether Britain should stay inside the ‘European Community’ that Edward Heath had sleepwalked us into two years before.

The entire British Press, along with the three Westminster political parties, the CBI, BBC, and of course the civil service Establishment, weighed in on the ‘In’ side, and it was left to a few mavericks on the Left and Right – Tony Benn, Michael Foot and Enoch Powell among them – to argue the case for ‘Out’. Given the disgracefully slanted playing field, it is astonishing that the ‘Outers’ did as well as they did, winning one out of every three votes cast.

If and when we do get another vote, the 1975 scenario seems likely to repeat that sad history again: a duplicitous, dishonest Prime Minister claiming he has won advantages for Britain in a fake ‘renegotiation’; a media led by the BBC almost universally in favour of staying in, along with the LibLabCon parties; and corporate bug business joining them in the Amen corner. This time round even the Left and the Unions will have fallen into the ‘In’ line.

Why then are UKIP the only party actively arguing for a free and independent Britain, putting so much faith in a referendum which will be once again institutionally hugely weighted against us? Personally, I feel that our exit from the EU will come about through unforeseen ‘events, dear boy, events’. We should not be fetishizing or putting our faith in dodgy Dave’s transparently false pledge of a referendum that, in any event, only UKIP’s pressure forced him to concede.

Lib Dems

Saints, Sinner & Liberal Democrats

Waiting to give a speech the other day I idly started to note on the back of the proverbial envelope the names of leading Liberals and Liberal Democrats who have – say, since Jeremy Thorpe was tried at the Old Bailey and acquitted of conspiracy to murder – been accused, convicted or exposed as variously paedophiles, perverts, adulterers, sex pests, gropers, sadists,  anti-Semites, perjurers, liars and general all round bad eggs.

I kept it to those who have risen in the party high enough to be elected or appointed to one of the two chambers of Parliament and believe me, without naming names, it was a pretty long list.

The exposure of the disgraced and disgraceful MP for Portsmouth South Mike Hancock just adds another name. Well, we are all sinners, but when it comes to moral and legal transgressions, the Lib Dems seem to be in a league of their own.

So, just what IS it about this sanctimonious and hypocritical little party – so quick to point out the sins of others – that attracts so many wrong ‘uns? I don’t profess to know the answer: but I’d like to hear yours.


And so…

…farewell until next week:  I’m off on a ‘glamping’ trip. I’m not a great fan of life under canvas, but the weather seems set fair and we have to learn how to erect our newly purchased Bell Tent in a quiet location away from mocking eyes. On a historical note, the Bell Tent was originally designed by an American General Henry Hopkins Sibley. It was adopted as standard by the entire US Federal Army during the 1861-65 Civil War, but because Sibley fought on the opposite (Confederate) side, neither he nor his family ever made a dime out of it.


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