“UKIP will not ban Halal or Kosher…”  These words appeared on a “special” leaflet delivered to selected areas of the Stoke Central constituency for the 23rd February 2017 by-election.

“Britain United Under One Law For All” This is the title of the social cohesion section in the 2017 general election manifesto.  Within this section it states “A society that can pick and choose what legal system it lives under gradually ceases to be a society at all.  The growth of sharia councils is of great concern to the public, as is the apparent unwillingness of the political class to prevent them proliferating.  UKIP will take action: we will establish a legal commission to draw up proposals to disband sharia councils.  It is simple: there should be one law for all.”

Can you spot the anomaly?  These two statements are simply not compatible with each other.  Yes I wholeheartedly agree that we must have one law for all.  However we cannot achieve that aim whilst simultaneously allowing a concession from the laws relating to the humane treatment of animals, such that religious abattoirs can slaughter without pre-stunning.  If UKIP is to be consistent then it must also oppose such concessions to behave in a way that for non-religious abattoirs would be illegal.  The Research Briefings document “Religious Slaughter of Animals” can be downloaded from the House of Commons Library.

UKIP is correct to be anti-Sharia.  Sharia law is incompatible with modern principles of decency and fairness, it is incompatible with human rights and it undermines Democracy itself.  Laws made by Allah are regarded as superior to man-made laws, and so what purpose would a Parliament have?  Very little.

UKIP cannot continue to be pro-Halal or pro-Kosher.  Not if it is serious about implementing the key principle of “One Law for All”.  Labour introduced Sharia Councils in 2008.  The Conservative and Lib Dem parties have not abolished, them and indeed the Coalition Government also introduced Sharia Bonds into the UK.  All three of these parties have allowed the inhumane practice of non-stun slaughter to continue.  At least they are being consistent.  Unfortunately UKIP is currently inconsistent.

If you have the stomach for it, watch this video.  It contrasts the instantaneous unconsciousness when using stunning, with the clearly evident distress which the animal experiences during ritual slaughter.  Why anybody thinks that God would want this avoidable cruelty is simply incomprehensible.

UKIP did announce a humane policy in February 2015, the statement which appeared on the party website is copied below.  Unfortunately there was a policy U turn in April 2015, to support ritual slaughter.  I and the members of my branch were appalled by this return to barbarism.  We heard that there was likely to be a U turn, and we tried to prevent it.  The article here describes events from my perspective.

We should have a policy to mandate the most humane method of slaughter.  This method is called “stun to kill”.  A less effective method “stun to stun” is used in some Halal abattoirs.  It should be outlawed and only the most effective method should be permitted.  They may claim that a certain percentage of Halal is pre-stunned; however they never mention that it is the less effective method which is used.  This is deceit by omission, look up “taqiyya”.

The Kosher method does not use any stunning, and should simply be made illegal.  There are numerous examples of laws in the Torah which are disregarded by Judaism today, such as the death penalty for blasphemy and for homosexual acts.  These religious laws are simply not acceptable in the 21st century.  Why should there be a concession for religious inhumane treatment of animals, given that religious inhumane treatment of humans is no longer practiced?  We must assert the key principle of “One Law for All”.  Without any special exemptions.

UKIP members have had to endure many disparaging comments.  No doubt if a humane policy is introduced there will be those who will deliberately misconstrue the motivation for it.  However we have to do the right thing, not because it is easy, it is often difficult, but because it is morally correct.  A strong stance on this issue would be hugely popular with the voters.  Most people cannot condone wanton cruelty.  The main parties are not offering this humane choice, they have lost their principles.  UKIP must be the party of decency and sound principles.

The policy statement below was copied from the party website in early February 2015.  Note that the web page has subsequently been removed.

UKIP support the BVA and RSPCA in calling for a ban on non-stun slaughter

Research by the British Veterinary Association & FSA research tell us that Halal and kosher abattoirs cut the throats of 2.4 million sheep and goats without stunning in the latest recorded year. This is an increase of 60 per cent increase versus previous years. This trend is unacceptable. UKIP support the BVA and RSPCA in calling for a ban on non-stun slaughter.

A UKIP spokesman said, “Animal and veterinary science has long concluded that cutting the throats of animals whilst they are fully conscious can cause significant distress and pain.

“Pre stunning before religious ritual slaughter is fully compatible with all world religions. Therefore, we see no reason why religious groups should not take into account the concerns of animal welfare when carrying out slaughter.

“We find the government response to this issue is weak, lazy and bordering on spineless. It says it would “prefer” animals to be stunned before slaughter but that it must “respect the rights of Jewish and Muslim communities to eat meat in accordance with their beliefs.”

“It’s about time someone stood up for the rights of the silent majority in the ethical treatment of animals instead of bowing down to those who shout the loudest.

“We respect religious groups to carry out slaughter in the UK according to how they define and read their scriptures. What we do not allow however is for the rights and demands of groups within those religions override the UK’s compassionate traditions of animal welfare.

“There are a significant number of UK consumers that would prefer not to eat meat killed by religious slaughter. So, UKIP will also write into law that all animal meat produce will have mandatory labelling – providing clearly both the method of production and slaughter – giving people greater transparency and choice.

“UKIP’s forthcoming manifesto on animal welfare will be the strongest of any major political party in the UK.”

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