Last weekend was the two year anniversary of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union. It should have been a celebration – our very own independence day. But what is there to celebrate? Two years on, we still remain firmly in the EU’s tentacles. Wales and the UK face an open-ended transition period, providing more time for EU fanatics to sabotage the Brexit process and prevent Britain from leaving in any meaningful way.

During the referendum campaign, the political Establishment in Cardiff Bay and Westminster inflicted a tidal wave of exaggerated pessimism on the British public. Project Fear, as it came to be known, first appeared in David Cameron’s 16 page glossy propaganda booklet which, at the taxpayer’s expense, was delivered to every house in the country. Buoyed by Cameron’s countless speeches throughout the UK, Project Fear forecast the world would end if the British people had the temerity to vote for Brexit. The entire business and media Establishment, Government and the civil service devoted themselves to browbeating the British people into submission to the EU. Yet, 17.4 million people – the largest democratic mandate in our electoral history – routed the Establishment by voting to leave.

Since the referendum result, the defeated political class have regrouped. Now, more cunningly, they are trying to undermine the democratic wishes of the British people through the return of Project Fear on the airwaves, mischievous amendments in the unelected House of Lords and months of shambolic negotiations by the Government.

Theresa May’s pathetic attempt to negotiate Britain’s departure from the EU makes John Major look like a paragon of decisiveness. Daniel Hannan, a eurosceptic MEP, accurately analysed our current situation when he wrote: “The UK is inching towards an open-ended transition period that will leave almost everything as it is. Brussels will continue to run our agriculture, our fisheries, our overseas trade and our employment laws. We shall continue to pump squillions across the Channel. Our laws will remain subject to Euro-judges. Only one significant thing will change: we shall lose our representation in EU institutions and, with it, our ability to block harmful laws”.

Personally, I am not surprised. Theresa May was a Remainer and so were two thirds of her Cabinet. So why should we expect the Brexit we voted for when our exit from the EU is in the hands of those who don’t believe in it?

At the onset of her premiership, the Prime Minister said “no deal was better than a bad deal”. Sadly, we are faced with the stark reality of a bad deal, to all intents, leaving us under EU control in all but name. Is it any wonder that people are returning to UKIP each and every day?

The EU conducted the Brexit negotiations as a hostile power, whose main aim is to stop other EU countries following our example. Such hostility has been counter-productive. It has fuelled euroscepticism on the European continent, as recent election results have demonstrated. At home, it is painfully apparent that no faith can be placed in the Conservative Government in Westminster or the Brexit-denying Labour Government in Cardiff.

As the UK enters the final months of negotiations, I urge the political establishment to accept and act on the referendum result. We must leave the single market, regain control of our borders, restore sovereignty to parliament and ensure British law is supreme. Anything short of this is a betrayal of the British people.


Please also watch this video, Neil Hamilton’s speech on the two-year anniversary of the EU Referendum in the Welsh Assembly:




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