This is an APPEAL to South West UKIP Members to help with the NEC Count.


Most UKIP members will have received their Independence magazine by now.  If you haven’t then it will be with you very soon.

If it doesn’t arrive by next Monday’s post, please contact Head Office on 01626 830630 and we’ll send a replacement.


The magazine contains the NEC ballot papers which must reach us by 4pm Thursday 26th July.


The next day (Friday 27th) we will be counting the votes here at Lexdrum House, and we need volunteers to come in and help.  The more volunteers, the quicker we’ll do the job.  We are happy to pay reasonable fuel costs, as long as you provide a receipt.

Lunch is provided (pies, pasties, sandwiches, cake, salad etc) so there’s no need to bring a packed lunch.

This appeal really only applies to those in the SW Region because otherwise it’s unrealistic to expect anyone to travel from Wales or London etc. But if you are able to come and help, please email me at  or phone us on 01626 830630.

If you’re using a sat-nav the postcode is TQ12 6UT.

It is not the postcode of TQ12 9BG !  If you use the latter, you’ll find yourself outside Newton Abbot Royal Mail Sorting Office.  So please don’t.  It’s miles away.

I need an idea of numbers so please don’t just turn up unannounced.  (the sausage rolls might have run out!)

David Challice, UKIP Head Office Manager

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