It’s three days after the terrorist attack and the Appeasement Industry is working full tilt already.

There are different types of appeasers. We can find them everywhere. They are not just the usual suspects in our and the international media, or just our politicians, they are also those ‘ordinary’ people who populate the social media, telling us that islam is the religion of peace, really!

So far – and I confess I’ve not searched through all the MSM –  we’ve had the usual: a ‘candle-lit vigil’ in Trafalgar Square, we had the Eiffel Tower blacked out to show French grief, we had the Brandenburg Gate lit with the Union Jack to show solidarity, and we had the obligatory politician saying that we’re ‘calm and carrying on’.

We‘ve had of course the huge sigh of relief going through the collective appeasers that the terrorist was ‘a Brit’ – so sad, but therefore all ‘refugees’ are blameless, so carry on taking them in.

Next, we ‘must’ protect our Parliamentarians better: more concrete barriers have already been ordered, you’ll be relieved to hear, and it’s now been turned into “Fortress London”: more police officers are available all of a sudden, but for them, not for us.The police will be especially vigilant and on the look-out for an increase in ‘hate speech’ and backlashes.

Most of those powerful people – politicians, Police Commissioners, journalists – are too scared to ask the pertinent questions. One former Labour Politician has broken rank though, saying that ‘Blair was wrong to ignore the religious roots of Islamist terror’ – read this report.

But when will the politicians and hacks ‘get it’ that we’re actually living in a time of war right now? One doesn’t have to be a scholar, and one doesn’t have to be an islamophobe to say that, a look at this article on wikipedia is quite sufficient. Just because our appeasers prefer to stick their heads into the sand doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Islam is at war with us, has been at war with us for 1400 years, and no amount of appeasement and waffling will change that.

There have been some articles last year that ISIS, in their ‘magazine’ has told followers and would-be jihadis to use knives in lone-wolf attacks (see here), and how they produced videos telling their followers to ‘weaponise’ vehicles because that’s easier than making bombs (see here).

This is where the ‘Lone Wolf’ narrative comes from which our MSM keep peddling, because it’s so much nicer to talk about poor, mentally ill lone wolves than asking the inconvenient question what all these ‘lone wolves’, from France to Belgium to Germany to London, have in common. The other welcome side effect is that of course all those ‘lone wolf’ attacks can be put on the back page, as ‘local news’, nothing to see here. Only the ‘spectacular’, like Nice or Berlin, are worthy of teddybears, flowers, candles …

Of course, when everybody is just a ‘lone wolf’, and no further questions need to be asked, another observation also gets brushed aside: these terrorists are not ‘lone wolves’. They are, in the words of Patrick Poole in his excellent report, ‘known wolves’.

I cannot have been the only one who was puzzled to read again and again that all those perps, across the EU and here, were ‘known to the police’ or to the secret services. Wednesday’s terrorist, while not on the ‘most-watched’ list of our security services, of 3,000 islamic extremists, certainly was known to the police, but only for ‘ordinary’ crimes.

Here’s another fact (see this report): he went to Saudi Arabia where he ‘became radicalised’. That puts paid to the ‘narrative’ of him being an ordinary Brit, that his terrorist attack could have been prevented if we all had been nicer to all muslims. But wait – the latest ‘news’ from the appeasement camp aims to make us feel guilty because the terrorist was ‘a troubled soul’ who needed our help … back to the “mentally-ill-lone-wolf” narrative the appeasers tell us every time!

We’re allowed to ask, are we not, why those 3,000 ‘known extremists’ are roaming free. We’re allowed to ask if the money spent on turning Parliament into ‘Fortress London’ is well spent. We’re allowed to ask what else must happen, how many more innocent people have to die by the hands of those known and ‘unknown’ terrorists before Government grasps the fact that no amount of appeasement, no amount of ‘integration, no amount of ‘hate speech persecution’ is going to stop them!

Do we need another 7/7, must we wait for another Beslan before the Appeasers understand that this is not about religion but about War? A war against us?

But there’s worse.

The current top US General in Europe, who is also the NATO Supreme Commander, said Thursday at a Senate hearing that the terrorist threat is higher in Europe than anywhere on the globe, with the exception of current war zones – read the whole thing.

In other words: TPTB know! They know full well, but are not doing anything about this threat directed at us, the ordinary people – not them. I refrain from remarking that it’s of course more ‘glorious’ and less dangerous to big up Putin and Russia. Islam? No: that’s the religion of peace, innit.

Meanwhile we ordinary people, our neighbours, our children, are being killed on our streets.


Because that lot in Parliament, in the police, in the MSM are cowards and appeasers.

Cowards because they’re more concerned about their own ‘safety’ than about ours. Do we have armed security officers accompanying us? No. We’re even forbidden to have arms, in spite of that right given us in our own ‘Bill of Rights 1689’.

Cowards because they are afraid of naming the problem, fearing physical attacks, fearing being called ‘islamophobes’. Instead they warn us about hate speech and backlashes while allowing muslims to ‘explain’ how they’re all peaceful – until the next jihadi terrorist attack.

Appeasers because they refuse to take those measures which might keep us safe for fear to ‘offend’. Why are jihadi ISIS ‘fighters’ with British passports allowed back into this country? Why are British muslims ‘known to the police’ allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia, and then let back in?

Why are their “human rights” more worthy than ours? Why are we asked to be tolerant when muslims living here show no tolerance whatsoever towards us?

It’s for all of us to call them out, the appeasers, the cowards, as well as those who still try to tell us how wonderful islam is, that it’s only a ‘tiny tiny group’ who are bad (3,000 on that watch-list: a tiny group indeed!), who tell us that it’s far worse not wanting to sit next to a muslim on the tube than being stabbed and mown down on our streets.

Dead is dead, and I’d rather speak out, fight and die than cower in fright, keep silent – and also die.

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