I don’t want to be branded as a conspiracy theorist, but I study what’s going on, research it, think about it, and draw conclusions. And what I see going on right now in the mainstream media, and from the lips of LibLabCon politicians, is a consistent “narrative” which is based on the premise of:

“UKIP is still a minority party, who have quite a few fruitcakes in their ranks, whose policies aren’t well formed, who have some nasty tendencies and whose voters will desert them for us in the election.”

Try it, test everything you see in the media against that “narrative” (with some notable exceptions such as the Express and Star on a good day, and Breitbart on most days) and I think my point is proven.

What is a “narrative”? It’s a “line” that a group of vested interests want followed. In the case of what we are seeing right now that vested interest group comprises LibLabCon and a vast chunk of the mainstream media, together with some pressure groups. These used to be divided into left and right camps, but they seem to be united in one objective: negating the threat to both their sides from UKIP.

However, if UKIP support is as low as they would have us believe, what’s the threat? The polls say 15%, the pundits say 1 to 5 seats. Some threat! That interpretation in itself proves the existence of that “narrative” and the reality of our threat to them.

Let me cite an example: the storm in a teacup over our immigration policy. They have latched onto every single number that Nigel Farage, Stephen Woolfe and others have mentioned in relation to immigration numbers. They have attacked us for not knowing what we want, while missing the elephant in the room – immigration is at such a large figure now, around ten times what it had been in the preceding 50 years, that we cannot manage the growth in population effectively in terms of its impact on housing, schools, hospitals, road and jobs. Nigel even mentioned a range of 20,000-50,000, and they still attacked him saying that if it went over 50,000 then he would have failed.

Give it a rest, MSM, the British people know the difference between six figures (200,000 to 500,000) and five figures (20,000 to 50,000) – whatever the numbers it’s in the order of a factor of 10!

And then this morning, with leftie Mishall Husain on Radio 4’s Today programme, laying into Nigel about the things some UKIPpers have said. She would not give it a rest, shouting down Nigel, cutting off his mentions of LibLabCon actual criminals, pursuing her own “narrative”. There has been a Twitter storm over her this morning – the BBC trying to create news rather than reporting it, totally ignoring our prompt action in dealing with what otherwise would be minor indiscretions.

One of the main weapons in presenting their “narrative” to counter UKIP’s threat is opinion polling. Bear in mind that some of the pollsters are themselves politically motivated (YouGov under Peter Kellner and Ashcroft under Lord), but the rest have politically motivated paymasters (the MSM). They will give the answers that their paymasters want them to. I have already written numerous articles presenting the various factors they CAN use (and often DO use, and can be proven they use) to manipulate what we see in the papers, for example in Conspiracy or Something Less Sinister.

Here’s another technique. I can’t prove it, but I can see how they have the means to do it, and they certainly have the motive to use it, so it is within the bounds of possibility it is being used. My evidence is circumstantial, one example based on my own experience, but it set me thinking.

One day my landline rang around 6PM. It was a pollster doing a political poll. They didn’t ask my name, just my age and sex. They asked, “Is there a female 35-50 in the house?” My reply (as a divorced ‘slightly’ older man) was, “Chance would be a fine thing.”

A week later, the phone rang again: the same pollster. This time they wanted a male 25-35. “Sorry, no dice, my son isn’t here right now,” was my answer.

Another week, and bingo, they wanted a male in my age group. I answered their questions: “100% certain to vote”, “Other” (no UKIP prompt), “UKIP”, “UKIP”, “UKIP” to their various voting intention questions and that was it.

Never heard from them again.

Now, it could just be that once when they’ve used a respondent, they never recall them. I don’t think so though. After I replied, I could hear a keyboard tapping – they captured all my answers, of course, with my age/sex group. They don’t ask which socio-economic “class” you are as they assume that from the postcode, which they work out from the telephone number.

So, they have a database of phone numbers, different people in that house (by age/sex division which normally discriminates the different members of a household) and their answers. They therefore have the means of picking and choosing who they call next time, for the next poll.

Do, I have to explain any more? The customer says, “I want to see UKIP fall in the polls this week, around 12-14%,” and that’s what they get.

As I said, they have the means and the motive. Are they using it? I think we can safely say they are as when UKIP commissions constituency polls, the results are markedly different from what Ashcroft constituency polls say, for example.

So, what happens when this “narrative” fails? Other polls (more secret ones, I am surmising) will show “the establishment” the true level of support. If I am right, around 26th April you’ll see the polls start to rise in UKIP’s favour, as the pollsters will need to hedge their bets, as will their establishment paymasters. The kind of headlines we will see are:

Inexplicable Rise of UKIP in Polls

And if that happens, what we can also expect is a torrent of both regurgitated and fresh smear stories on UKIP in the final week. Be ready to man the ramparts. Of course, the “narrative” has already been written:

“Oh, look, you silly misguided voters, you’re all flocking to this bunch of fruitcakes and nasty people. We really think you should change your mind and vote for a sensible party like LibLabCon.”

As has been said already – this will be dirtiest election campaign that’s ever been fought.

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