Ed: Some of our readers may find the following article controversial. We would therefore like to emphasise strongly that it is the personal opinion of the author.

I condemn this outrageous assassination in the strongest possible terms, and express my sympathy for Jo’s widower Brendan and their two young children, who are bound to be distraught. Sympathy for Brendan and the children however must not prevent serious analysis of this assassination. If we do not analyse it correctly, then poor Jo will have died in vain and other MPs may well pay the price in future.   

MPs may be shocked and confused, but with respect they shouldn’t be. Assassination as a political weapon is associated primarily but not exclusively with German Intelligence, which tried to assassinate Queen Victoria three times and succeeded in assassinating Tsar Alexander II, Mahatma Gandhi and President John F. Kennedy, all the time staying deep, hiding behind political fanatics or so-called ‘lone gunmen’.

The failure to shut down Germany’s re-organised intelligence apparatus in 1945, as revealed in my book Spyhunter (June Press, 2014) condemned the Western World to over six decades of economic and political chaos. In order to get Britain into the EEC the new German agency London operation, GO2 (the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s fictional ‘OO’ section) assassinated Labour Leader Hugh Gaitskell MP in 1963. Gaitskell’s brutal assassination, using a bio-weapon developed by a team led by the German DVD’s Dr Josef Mengele, paved the way for the DVD’s Harold Wilson to take charge of the Labour Party. Wilson, of course, favoured British entry.

When Chancellor Iain Macleod opposed Germany’s entry terms in 1970 he too was murdered, by poison. GO2 went on to assassinate Ross McWhirter, a leading opponent of British membership, in 1975. That assassination was false-flagged via the Provisional IRA, a favoured German tactic, used again with the assassinations of Airey Neave in 1979 and Ian Gow in 1990, in each case in order to undermine Margaret Thatcher.

The next MP to be assassinated by GO2 was Leader of the Opposition John Smith, in 1994, after he told a Bilderberg Group meeting that he no longer supported euro membership. That nice man Jimmy Goldsmith, Leader of the Referendum Party, was assassinated using weaponised pancreatic cancer, in 1997. I met Jimmy not long before he died. I think he knew that he had been murdered.

Weaponised cancer – the Holy Grail of the Abwehr and DVD for many years – was again used in 2010, to assassinate my friend, the courageous investigative journalist Christopher Story FRSA. Christopher confirmed that he had been fatally poisoned in a poignant post on the night before he died.

All of these assassinations can be linked in some way to the EU. Ian Gow’s murder was a precursor to the internal party coup later that year against Margaret Thatcher, whom I also knew.

If the Remain side thought that only the pro-British side were vulnerable to assassination during this referendum campaign they overlooked two vital matters: the assassination of John Smith, who played a key role in organising the Labour rebellion in 1972, without which the ECA72 could never have been passed, and the assassination by the DVD of pro-EU Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh during the 2003 Swedish referendum on the euro.

John Smith’s assassination proved that loyalty counts for nothing so far as the DVD and GO2 are concerned. Anna Lindh’s cynical assassination was designed both to generate sympathy for the pro-euro side and to pin blame on the pro-Krona side.

There are some curious features of this latest assassination. Firstly, there is the mystery eye-witness who heard the accused man, Thomas Mair, shout ‘Britain first’, and the failure of West Yorkshire police to deny the existence of such a witness. It is now perfectly clear that there was no such eye-witness and improbable that Mair shouted the words attributed to him by irresponsible sections of the mainstream media, if that is not a tautology. This was a transparent attempt to smear Britain First, with whom Mair has no known association. Clearly they had nothing whatsoever to do with the assassination and were as shocked as everybody else.

Smearing right-wing organisations in this way is a standard tactic of German Intelligence. It was used effectively in the Oslo shooting, where one of the shooters, Anders Breivik, was portrayed as right-wing, although in fact he had no known affiliation with any right-wing organisation in Norway.

West Yorkshire’s investigation, such as it is, has been compromised from the get-go by the Acting Chief Constable, although in fairness she is probably being forced to work within tramlines set by the Cabinet Office, which in practice controls both the police and the Crown Prosecution Service. Like the equally useless Dallas Police before them, West Yorkshire are obsessing on the lone gunman theory before even a tenth of the evidence is in. It seems that one of the gunmen (Mair may not have fired a shot, of course, or more likely there were multiple shooters, as at Oslo) used a .38 calibre home-made gun, but from where did he acquire the ammunition? You can’t just walk into Argos and ask for a box of .38 Dum-Dum bullets.

There isn’t likely to be a trial. The standard tactic in this sort of case is a plea-bargain, with the defendant pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. It is not unknown for intelligence officers setting up the hit to make offers of cushy treatment. That was a feature of the Yorkshire Moors Murders, set up, again, by GO2.

The only way Parliament is likely to get at the truth is to take control and try Mair for his life at the Bar of Parliament. A State Trial and the death penalty would clearly be appropriate in this case. The assassination of poor Jo Cox was an assault upon our democracy.  

My provisional assessment is that Jo Cox MP was taken out by one or more shooters recruited by GO2 in a reprise of the Lindh Tactic, in the hope of swinging the referendum in favour of Germany and the EU at the last minute.   

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