My last article talked about why Christians should vote UKIP. I was slightly worried to see that some atheists in UKIP were concerned I was pushing an agenda, and it got me thinking about why atheists should vote for UKIP. In the interest of fairness, I feel it is only right that our atheist and humanist citizens are given reasons for voting for UKIP.

UKIP would back the sciences

Atheists have a passion for the sciences. Without science, we do not remove tumours from patients, we do not put satellites in space and we do not build structurally sound buildings. The British left have always disdained the ‘hard’ sciences, and preferred the ‘soft’ sciences like sociology and gender and ethnic studies. However, this has meant that our competitiveness in the sciences has dwindled since the new labour years. If we are going to be a competitive and successful independent nation, we need to boost the hard sciences. UKIP’s recent manifesto spells out how undergraduates wishing to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) could do so without having to pay tuition fees.

UKIP values its atheist members

In some parties, there is a hesitancy to promote atheists. In UKIP, atheist Roger Helmer was made the head of the UKIP MEP delegation within EFDD. Ann Marie Waters, who serves on the national board of directors of the National Secular Society, has been named as a UKIP PPC in a target seat. This shows that UKIP not only values its elected officials who are atheists, but actively wants to get more atheists elected to public office.

UKIP oppose religious fundamentalism

Atheists are fundamentally committed to personal liberty. Honour killings, genital mutilation and forced marriage are totally unacceptable to any atheist, or indeed, any right thinking person. The Lib/Lab/Con are totally cowed by political correctness, but UKIP is thankfully the only party in Britain where PC ideology has no hold. UKIP figures have pulled no punches in attacking these cultural practises, even when they are cloaked in the language of religion.

UKIP opposes sharia law

Sharia law is totally unacceptable. At the root of sharia law, is the belief that a person’s worth in law is entirely dependent on their religious identity. In Muslim countries, non-Muslims cannot bring court cases against Muslims and the word of one Muslim over rules non-Muslim witnesses. It is shameful that even ‘Christian’ leaders in Britain have said a kind word about sharia law. Thankfully, atheists do not have any problem calling a spade a spade when it comes to the injustice of sharia law, and neither do UKIP.

UKIP supports robust freedom of speech

Back in 2005, Labour was worried it had lost the Muslim vote due to the Iraq war. In several marginals, Labour felt the Lib Dems would push them hard, and inherit the Muslim vote. To prevent this happening, Labour brought in the Religious Hatred Act. This act was written in such a way as to potentially criminalise criticism of a religion or its practises, even if that criticism was based on observable fact. UKIP has always believed that freedom of speech, where we can speak our minds without fear of malicious prosecution, which includes the right of atheists to criticise religious practises they find offensive.

So there you have it. Atheists should vote for UKIP, and will be an excellent voice within our broad based Eurosceptic movement. Let me leave you with a quote from that prominent atheist, Albert Einstein, a quote I often think of when I think of the schemes of the EU;


“The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits” – Albert Einstein

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