We fought hard for the right to declare our independence from the clutches of the corrupt, undemocratic EU, but all we hear is about some mythical trade deal. Of course, trade is important, that is the freedom to trade with who we want under terms that we decide, but Brexit is about far more than trade, it is about the freedom to decide our own Laws, who comes to our Country, and the rules that they must follow.

To return to trade, from day one, and the multi-page propaganda leaflet Mr Cameron kindly sent to every home in the UK, it seems that many did not read it, or for that matter watch the many TV interviews where Mr Cameron and others stated categorically that to Leave Europe meant exiting the Single Market and Customs Union, likewise, should we not make a deal with the EU, we would leave under WTO Rules, which most of the world trades on, it is pure Project Fear to talk of No Deal, should a deal not be agreed, the default is WTO, not the state of limbo that seems to be the option we are told about. Business wants certainty, this they have, if they plan for WTO, and assume that this is the “worst” on offer, where is the problem, for over 2 years, WTO has been the default, so why have they not planned for it? Any business worth its salt has plans in place to be ready for changes to market conditions, beyond their control, a business that is not ready for WTO, frankly, in my opinion as an ex-businessman, has failed in its core purpose, to ensure its survival in predictable circumstances.

As I said Brexit is about much more than Trade, take Ireland. When we regain our status as an Independent Nation State next month, surely it is up to us, and only us, to decide what Customs Posts we wish to place on our National Borders. It is up to us, and only us, what we use them for, be that collecting Customs duties, checking paperwork, or waving people through, just doing a head count of how many come into our Nation or leave! It is damn all to do with anyone else; it is up to us. We want an open border with Southern Ireland, and they with us, a situation that has worked in the past, indeed, on a family holiday to Ireland, I remember my sisters being most upset, when driving from Belfast to Dublin and back, we were no stopped at a Customs Post, it worked them, and with goodwill, can work now. The point is this, come the end of March, it is up to us to decide if we put  customs posts along “our” side of the border, and no one else’s, How dare an unelected bunch of corrupt officials tell us what to do on our own sovereign soil, it is damn all to do with them, what next, no Customs at Dover or Heathrow, on the orders of the EU after we leave.

This country is capable of great things, in the summer of 1940, we fought the Battle of Britain, starting with about 600 fighter aircraft, with most of the fighting during September, but despite losses of pilots and planes, we ended the month of September with about 800 fighter aircraft and pilots, despite our losses and the bombing of aircraft factories. My point is this; when we put our mind to it and act as a Nation, there is nothing that can stop us. We do not want any sort of war, trade or otherwise, all we seek is a sensible deal that works for all, so let’s stop talking about “backstops” and a fictional “No Deal”, and accept reality, come the end of March, we are free of Europe, if on WTO, so be it, our door is always open to a deal that works for all.

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