H/T to Trending Central for this one:

During the final episode of the BBC’s mini-series The Ottomans: Europe’s Muslim Emperors, aired this weekend, a map was shown to illustrate the carving up of the Middle East between France and Britain after WW1. The presenter, Rageh Omaar says “A whole series of new countries was created in the Middle East. France got modern-day Syria and Lebanon. The British took control of modern-day Iraq, Palestine and Jordan.”

One teeny-tiny problem: both narrator and map completely exclude the modern state of Israel. Omaar fails to mention Israel by name in his narration, whilst the map shows the whole of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank as ‘Palestine’.

If one were being generous, it could be assumed that the (publicly funded, impartial) BBC simply got the historical narrative confused. After all, this region (including Iraq and Jordan) was called the ‘British Mandate of Palestine’. The problem is, they spell out ‘modern day’ in the narration.

Perhaps their local reporters have simply been watching too much Palestinian Authority TV…

You can register your complaint with the BBC here

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