Like murder, one always thinks such horror couldn’t happen to ordinary people like us. That’s why so many think what the EU, what our governments have done to our centuries-old judiciary system in the name of ‘ever closer union’ and ‘reform’ doesn’t really affect us that much.

Sorry – it does, and it’s worse than unsuspecting people think.

Here are two examples:

Paul Weston stood as candidate for the EU Parliamentary elections in 2014.  He was arrested, as the BBC reported, on ‘suspicion of religious or racial harassment’. What he did was quoting at length, in public, from a book written by Winston Churchill. That quote gave Churchill’s view on Islam.  Paul Weston, after the arrest, was bailed.

Imagine the same scenario in 2019 at the next EU Parliamentary elections. We have lost BREXIT and are firmly under the Brussels boots. Corpus Juris is now the law of our land. Paul Weston would be in ‘investigative custody’ for at least three months, perhaps even six months. No bail. No Habeas Corpus. No public hearing before a magistrate.

That’s what Corpus Juris means in practice, and that’s why we have to be afraid – very afraid!

Then there’s ‘Croydon Man’ – you’ve surely heard of him? He was arrested on Wednesday March 23rd for a tweet, with the charges dropped on Friday March 25th after the Crown Prosecuting Service had ‘a discussion’ with the police:

A statement issued by Metropolitan police on Friday said he had ‘been charged under section 19 of the Public Order Act 1986; publishing or distributing written material which is threatening, abusive or insulting, likely or intended to stir up racial hatred’.

Mr Doyle, a partner at a south-London based talent and PR agency, was arrested on Wednesday and charged on Friday morning, before the charge was dropped Friday evening.

So let’s scroll forward to March 2020. Brussels has us all in an ever firmer grip because we lost BREXIT. Corpus Juris is the law of the land. Can you imagine what would have happened to Croydon Man?

Yes: no bail, stay in prison, have a hearing before a prosecuting judge in maybe three or six months (lots of work, what with all those tweets offending one or two people …), livelihood destroyed and if he had been released with a fine, the EU prosecutor has the power to have him thrown right back into jail: stirring up racial hatred, well, that’s really serious, isn’t it! Double jeopardy? Come come – that’s so … Anglo-Saxon! Don’t believe it?

Read this article, and this one, and this one.

That’s what Corpus Juris means in practice, that’s what’s coming if we lose BREXIT!

Are you afraid yet, very afraid? You should be!

Paul Weston only stood as candidate for elections and Matthew Doyle is an ordinary punter. It takes, as these examples show, just one or two people ‘offended’ to get the law rolling, and that without even the full might of Corpus Juris.

What do you think will happen to you if someone tells the police you must be a paedophile because you took photos of kiddies, never mind that they are your own children or grandchildren? It’s bad enough now but under Corpus Juris you’ll be in jail for months, your barrister will have no access to court documents, nor to witnesses, nor will he and you know exactly what you’re accused of until one of the prosecutors has had time to look at your file. After all, he’s got to prosecute all those ‘racially offensive’ tweets! Bail? Forget it!

And should some EU citizen from across the Channel accuse you, then the EAW (European Arrest Warrant) means you’ll be taken to the country of the accuser, and … yes, you sit in jail. For months. No court hearing for bail, no nothing, not even a lawyer of your choice …

That’s why learning about Corpus Juris is so important: we must know why we must fight it tooth-and-nail.  We must know that this is not something historical and unimportant, something for learned law professors only, but is something which goes to the roots of our country’s freedom, indeed of our own personal freedom, as the two examples show.

Thinking that this can’t possibly happen here, or to you and yours, is wrong. Germans thought that way before 1933, and we all know what happened next!

So be afraid – be very afraid, and do all you can so that this won’t ever happen here, to us, to our country: work hard so that we win BREXIT on June 23rd!

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