There is no denying we are led by a liberal ‘elite’. I must stress they are an elite by position rather than by qualification. They are not at the top positions in society because of merit or ability. As the saying goes, the cream rises to the top, but so does the scum. The snotty leftists sat around the Notting Hill dinner party table are not smarter or better than the rest of us but they sadly do constitute a ruling elite.

This liberal elite believe things that are wildly to the left of what most British people would support. They believe it is a good thing rapists and child sex killers have the vote. They believe it is a good thing Al Qaeda operatives cannot be deported from Britain on human rights grounds. They believe it is a good thing immigration occurs in unquestioned numbers. People are entitled to these beliefs. But when the people holding these beliefs control the levers of power of our society, then their crazy beliefs have consequences that cannot be ignored.

The liberal elite dominate the legal profession, meaning they decide whether a repeat rapist will be released to victimise your daughter. The liberal elite teach your children their country is a racist, imperialist power. The liberal elite’s commentators tell us that we deserve to be murdered by terrorists on London Underground trains because of our foreign policy. It is one thing for them to hold these beliefs. But when they occupy the institutions of power, they can put these damaging policies into place. They might not have the power of truth, but sadly, they have the power of power.

So how do we beat this liberal elite? Firstly, immunise people against their lies. Secondly, detach yourself from their institutions and outlets. Thirdly, encourage patriots and eurosceptics to challenge them on their turf.

Immunisation theory was first discovered by McGrath. He found that if people were warned what the motive behind a message was, they would not be persuaded by it. We need to apply this to mean liberal lies will no longer fool our people. If somebody warns you about how a scam works, the scammer can never fool anyone again. This is why fewer people are taken in by Nigerian e-mail scams than ten years ago, because people have been warned what is really going on. We need to do this with what liberals really mean. When they say ‘racism’ they mean ‘anyone who opposes mass immigration’. When they say ‘compassionate justice system’ they mean weekend release for paedophiles. Once the people are immunised, the liberal elite will never again be able to fool them with buzz words.

The second way to beat the liberal elite is re-engagement. We can choose what TV shows, news channels and newspapers we look at. What we must do is pick those that least conform to the liberal elite’s views and agenda. Don’t check the BBC website for news, check Breitbart London. Don’t buy the Mail or Telegraph, buy the Express. Don’t watch BBC Dramas that portray white Britons as ignorant racists, or which sing the praises of mass immigration. Don’t send your children to the local school if you know the teachers have a reputation for leftism, send them somewhere else. As Malcolm X said “Only a fool lets his enemies teach his children”. If you refuse to plug yourself in to their institutions and outlets, and encourage others to do likewise, the liberal elite’s power will weaken.

We can choose what papers to read and what schools to go to. But we cannot choose whether to obey to the law. So what we must do is work to change it. One of the most critical ways is to get UKIP members and other opponents of the liberal elite to enter professions where political, legal and cultural influence and leverage are important. Encourage your children to become lawyers, journalists, teachers and entertainers. Once UKIP supporters are judges, rapists will not get weekend release, burglars will not be praised for their ‘bravery’ and Al Qaeda members thinking they will dodge deportation might be in for a shock.

Beating the liberal elite is more important than leaving the EU. Leaving the EU is not a silver bullet and when we leave, it won’t be worth it if the political, legal and cultural life of the country is still dominated by the cultural left.

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