We were warned that ISIS terrorists were planning something ‘major’ for Christmas. Yesterday evening, that warning became horrible reality. An islamic terrorist ploughed a truck into the Christmas Market in Berlin, at the iconic ‘Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche’ where the famous Kurfürstendamm begins.

12 people are dead, 48 are injured. The terrorist has been arrested. He is, according to the Berlin Police and German papers, a “refugee” from Afghanistan or Pakistan who came into the country in February 2016. The truck which he used had been stolen from a Polish company, and the dead man found in the cab was the Polish driver from whom the truck had been stolen.

These are the facts as far as they are known this morning. They can easily be checked. Our wonderful BBC however reports under the headline:

Berlin Breitscheidplatz: ‘Migrant’ detained over lorry attack

I do not know why they use the expression “migrant”. He came as ‘refugee’ according to German Security Services, but we can assume that they do it so as not to besmirch the image of ‘innocent refugees’ they’ve been pushing at us for over a year now.

It was sickening to observe how the reports on this atrocity were developing in our MSM as the evening went on. It was as if nobody in the newsrooms of TV stations and online papers had ever heard of Nice.

We were told that ‘a truck drove into a crowd’ – forgive me, but I am unaware of driverless trucks already in use on our or indeed Germany’s streets! Obviously, we were meant not to panic, and we were meant not to make assumptions about what happened. After all, trucks can easily drive into crowds – a sad accident, nothing to see here, move on …

Those who know the actual location in Berlin knew immediately that this could not have been an accident, that this had to be intentional. One tweet (yes, I know: Twitter …!) from Berlin said early on that most Berliners knew already this was an islamic terrorist attack while their MSM still tried to hold onto the ‘accident’ theory.

Then we had the extent of the atrocity slowly trickling out. Those of us with internet connections knew two hours before our MSM that there were more than just the two fatalities they reported. Astonishingly, they even produced a ‘witness’ who tweeted that what he saw on the ground must have been ‘red wine’ … ah, he meant the mulled wine sold at German Christmas Markets. It can’t have been so bad then, really – move on! They forgot to mention that the local hospitals in Berlin had called for emergency blood donors a short while before they’d produced their witness: there are suitable tweets and there are unsuitable tweets, tweets not fitting their ‘narrative’.

It was painful to watch how the MSM desperately tried to drag Russia into this. The fact that the truck had Polish license plates was treated as major news: Poland – Russia – Putin: nothing to do with islam, thank God. It took a long time before they reported that the truck had been stolen. Those scanning twitter had known that for some time already, but again, those tweets didn’t fit the ‘narrative’.

One strand of the reports was that the driver must have had a heart attack. Yes, these things happen. We remember the horrible accident in Glasgow where a refuse lorry plowed into a group of shoppers.

Many clung to this interpretation even after the police reported that the driver had fled on foot (after a heart attack? Yeah right!). They maintained this even after police reports that the driver had been arrested. After all – there was that other, dead man in the driver’s cab … shot.

Still they were doing their best to drag Russia and Putin into it: if the one arrested was not Polish like the dead man, then what was he? Ah – a Chechen criminal. Nothing to do with islam, but revenge for Chechnya, thus: Putin! Never mind that Berlin is not in Russia …

Now we’ve learned that the arrested terrorist had come to Germany as ‘refugee’ at the beginning of this year, from Afghanistan or Pakistan … ah well, label him “migrant” then, as the BBC did. After all, haven’t we been told again and again that ‘refugees’ are only women and children?

We had been warned by the Security Services here and in EU countries that islamic terrorists had slipped into the EU in the wake of the hundreds and thousands of ‘refugees since September 2015. We had been warned, repeatedly, that ISIS was planning “Christmas Specials”.

Here in the UK, we read that even members of the SAS are patrolling Christmas Markets in civilian clothes, while we’ve also seen the pictures of special police with machine guns on patrol in those markets. I do not think our Security services are doing that as a sort of job creation scheme …

What can we learn from this latest terrorist attack?

That our MSM are so desperate not to offend and upset the muslims living in our midsts that they cling to any straw, to the bitter end, to make such terrorist attack sound like a normal accident. That they will try to play this down, until it is inescapable that it was, as predicted, an islamic terrorist attack. That they will avoid describing the terrorist as muslim, until the bitter, inescapable end.

They hide behind the old-fashioned advice on reporting, that sources have to be checked and confirmed before reporting, and that what is tweeted on twitter are not respectable sources. We would believe them, were it not for two points: that they themselves use those tweets when it fits their preferred ‘narrative’, and that nowadays respectable sources also use twitter.

Can a source be more respectable than the Berlin Police Department?

And then they wonder why we don’t believe them any longer …

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