That’s what Nigel called it yesterday, reacting to Theresa May’s speech in Florence, and that’s what it is. Just reflect on M Barnier’s comment that this is a good first step to further negotiations: that’s how deep the betrayal is.

The anger on social media last evening was palpable. I was told that the vitriol poured over Tory MPs on twitter was exceptional – ‘never seen anything like it’, were the words. The same was true on websites and blogs.

It’s quite obvious that the ‘Spirit of Brexit’ has not gone away, in spite of the hard work of the remoaners in the MSM – BBC first and foremost.

But …

But it’s us Kippers who lost the plot. It’s us who sank into blissful relaxation after we’d achieved the impossible. Make no mistake: Cameron, Whitehall and the Establishment never thought we’d actually win – that’s why there was no ‘Plan B’  for Leave, and that’s why Cameron resigned because he never had the intention of triggering Article 50 on June 24th. He left that mess to whoever came after.

And so we observed that mess growing every day. We gave Ms May the benefit of the doubt – and see where that got us: Florence and Capitulation. Yes, that’s what that speech was: a betrayal, a capitulation.

But why are we now surprised? Shouldn’t Ms May’s track record have prepared us for this betrayal? Hasn’t she, as Home Secretary, always done what her EUphilic Mandarins told her to do? Didn’t we know already that the Whitehall Mandarins had totally domesticated her? Haven’t her speeches e.g. on terrorism shown again and again that she has no spine but will appease until the bitter – our bitter! – end?

Anyone with some political nous could have foreseen this! I bet Nigel must have had more than just an inkling. So what about his vow to come back to frontline politics should Brexit fail?

Well, Arron Banks is already calling for him to do just that. He tweeted yesterday:

the UKIP leadership election has to be stopped, Farage needs to be back. Defections would be the order of the day again!”

Nice, and exceedingly democratic! And this:

… a senior Ukip figure told the Daily Express, that “high level conversations have been had” about Mr Farage returning.”

One week before the announcement of the newly elected leader! 

Taking a cold hard look at what happened in and to UKIP since June 23rd, it’s obvious: we dropped the ball.

We started fighting amongst ourselves. We let our agenda be driven by outside forces and by internal enemies. We had resignations of an MP and AM. We had the resignation of two new leaders within less than a year. We lost by-elections, local elections, the snap GE where we ‘achieved’ 1.8% of the total vote. Now the new leadership election which has been dragging on since June 23rd 2017. Nothing that needed to be done got done.

While the candidates have been slogging it out, our MEPs have been absent. The MSM disregarded us (and thank God for that!) while we members engaged in internecine fights. If you don’t believe me, then I suggest you revisit some of the Open Letters and comment threads.

Meanwhile the UKIP ‘interim’ leadership team played around with new logos while sending us letters about what had been said in some papers (because we stupid lot of course never read papers online …), telling us how to think about what was written (because we’re too thick to be able to think).

Did none of That Lot know that this speech by Ms May was going to be forthcoming? Did none of them even ponder what Ms May might, in all probability, say? Did none of them read the various Government Position Papers (published in excerpts here on UKIP Daily!), did none of them read the many articles about Article 50, the ECA 1972, the EAW, the planned EU Forces, here on UKIP Daily? They did read the MSM though, didn’t they, because they told us what to think about them … but thinking, never mind writing, about UKIP Policies? Oh no! That would be for the new Leader …!

So: eyes firmly off the ball, members being left to drift away, internecine fighting and a polarisation of members and elected Kippers the likes of which is beyond belief: that’s where we are!

Meanwhile, Whitehall, the EU, M Barnier, Mr Davis and of course Ms May have been slowly letting Brexit drift back to a “nice place” within the EU, disguised as: “we’re out, but we will pay, and we will take their regulations and directives, and we will let Brussels run all over us, subject ourselves to foreign jurisdiction and never mind increased unregulated immigration”.

All that begs the question: is it now conceivable that at the next GE we’ll get a Labour government which will throw us right back into the arms of M Verhofstadt and M Juncker? Is that the real aim of the faceless Remain Establishment working behind the scenes?

If that’s the case – where will UKIP be? Will there even be a UKIP? Or will there be, finally, Banks’ and Nigel’s impossible dream of a New Party – online, no pesky ‘old’ members – while ‘rump UKIP’ will have become just a pressure group against islam?

Yes, I’ve read that AMW as leader will get 1 million new members … yes, Banks’ and Farage’s New Party will sweep into Parliament on the wings of all Leavers. Yes, there’s a tooth fairy and yes, there’s Father Christmas too …

Meanwhile, the grown-ups in Whitehall and Government keep selling out our freedom and sovereignty because we Kippers, we who won Brexit, have not just taken our eyes off the ball – some of us have declared it’s game over, let’s play something else, while others simply have gone home.

I don’t know if it’s still time to come to our senses. I do know I’m not the only one who thinks that there are Fifth-Columnists who have done their best to destroy UKIP from inside and that we have played right into their hands.

All I now hope for is that, come next Saturday, we will still have a Party worth fighting for – a Party we desperately need if we want to fight the Remain Establishment, if we want to fight for Brexit.


Photo by Svirf

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