Tony Blair says that if Parliament cannot agree a way forward then there should be another referendum! Whilst Parliament is unlikely to vote for Theresa May’s “Withdrawal Agreement” it appears that there is an alternative that commands a parliamentary majority. Apparently, the only motion for which there might be a majority in the House of Commons is one to reject “No Deal”. That, in a nutshell, is the problem!

The only proposition upon which our elected representatives can apparently agree is one to negate the freely expressed will of the people, who, in the 2016 Referendum, voted unequivocally for a clean break with the EU i.e. “No Deal” (other than, of course, to pay our share of programmed expenditure previously agreed to) .

In 1983, as is well-known, when Tony Blair was first elected to Parliament he stood on an anti-EU ticket, but it looks as though somebody might have subsequently had a word in his ear to explain that that was not the way to fame and fortune.

Whether he is in the pocket of multi-millionaire, American citizen George Soros, who is reputedly pumping millions into the “Peoples’ Vote” campaign, I really don’t know, but what I do know is that he and others of his ilk need to think very carefully about the part they are playing in encouraging Parliament to defy the will of the people !

Rather than create a constitutional crisis, the consequences of which are potentially too awful to contemplate, Parliament must be brought to the realisation that if the deal that the Prime Minister brings back to the House is unacceptable then the default position is, and can only be, no deal. Theresa May was, at one stage, staking her future on “no deal being better that a bad deal” – a common sense approach that was applauded, at the time, by huge swathes of the electorate. Deal or no deal is the way of the world – it is the basis upon which so much of human activity is conducted, whether we’re talking about buying or selling houses, mergers and acquisitions in the commercial sector or just ordinary day-to-day purchases.

On his own admission, Blair nowadays is a Remainer and as far as the EU issue is concerned ‘he’s dead but he won’t lie down’ because, let’s face it, he lost! He knows as well as anybody that the people have made their decision. The problem now is simply the reluctance of MPs, aided and abetted by the likes of Tony Blair, to implement that decision. To suggest asking us to vote again because Parliament is divided about delivering upon the result that we have already given them is totally misconceived, deplorably undemocratic, blatantly unconstitutional and arrogant in the extreme.

Heretofore, politicians, at least in the Anglosphere, have, figuratively speaking, lived and died by the sword. If the other side got more votes than you did, they won, you lost and that was the end of the matter. Enter the European Union! Countries like Denmark, Holland, France and Ireland that voted “the wrong way” in EU referendums were told to vote again until they came up with the answer the EU wanted… and now the snake-oil salesmen are telling British voters that they ought to vote again because, they say, circumstances have changed; we didn’t understand the question; we’re too dim to be entrusted with deciding our own future etc. etc. when, all the time, us Leavers know full-well that the only Treason we’re being pressurised into voting again is because the Remaniacs lost!

This article has also appeared in the Express & Star and the Shropshire Star.

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