Last week Channel 5 broadcast a live debate on immigration entitled The Big British Immigration Row.  Views aired on the programme varied from pro-immigration to those who would firmly restrict it.

One controversial voice who was absent was Nick Griffin MEP, the leader of the dwindling British National Party (and former National Front party activist).

He tweeted: “Was offered 120 seconds on Channel 5’s so-called Big Immigration Debate tonight. Farcical, as without BNP, the subject would still be taboo.” 

big debate

I cannot let this pass, as the reason that immigration has been taboo in Britain is precisely because of Nick Griffin!

In 1967 a political party was formed in the UK called the National Front. Despite trying to show a patriotic, respectable image, the leadership of the party was filled with many barely-disguised anti-semites and Nazi sympathisers.

Their ranks soon flooded with skinheads and racialists, who engaged in loud flag-waving marches in towns and cities throughout Britain. They were naturally joined by a young Holocaust Denier called Nicholas ‘Nick’ Griffin.

Griffin 247 years later, the party has never managed to get a single MP elected but it did achieve two things – firstly, it took votes away from those more mainstream politicians who wanted to bring in sensible immigration controls.

Secondly as a result of the antics of this group, any politician trying to address the issue of immigration was compared with these crude ‘white power’ extremists and smeared by association until they fell silent.

Nick Griffin and the National Front have ultimately damaged their own cause by making the issue of immigration unpalatable – something not to be discussed in polite society.

It took the rise of the UK Independence Party or UKIP take bring the issue of immigration back into the light. They oppose unrestricted immigration but are not isolationists.

This new party made it clear that their immigration concerns were about space, not race and that they actually encouraged the best and brightest from around the world to come to the UK to boost our science, business and industries.

It is UKIP’s Nigel Farage and his party that have removed the taboo about immigration.

Nick Griffin should hang his head in shame, and I cannot wait until the Euro elections in May when he will lose his seat and his party will be consigned to the electoral dustbin.

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