The EGM to hopefully vote out Bolton is on 17 February in Birmingham.  It will determine whether our party will be the ‘BNP in blazers’ with Mr Bolton as leader, or whether we can finally rid ourselves of this distraction and become the patriotic common sense family-friendly guardians of Brexit for the whole nation.

By the time we were opposing the recent mass immigration from Eastern European countries, it had become almost as toxic a subject as Hitler, because opposition to the 1960’s wave of migrants, who were mostly of non-Caucasian origins, was castigated as being racist, and so all subsequent opposition to migration has been similarly irrationally equated.

Nigel Farage made great efforts to dispel the accusation that Kippers were the ‘BNP in blazers’.  Unlike the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green Parties, there is still a list of racist parties – established during Nigel’s leadership of our party – whose current or past members are precluded from joining UKIP.  Our policy of not having face coverings in public was rightly conceived as applying equally to everyone, including motorcyclists not wearing helmets when not riding, for reasons of security/crime prevention, as much as upholding traditional British culture of communication including seeing the whole face as much as spoken words.  Thus from having been the only party other than Conservative and Labour in recent times to have won a national election when we won the 2014 Euro’s, the 2017 General Election clumsy and rabidly toxic Ban the Burka policy all but totally wiped out our vote.  When Mr Bolton was elected, his Liberal Democrat background quickly repaired this self-inflicted damage.

Thus when the scandal of Henry Bolton and Jo Marney broke, it wasn’t just a married 54 year old going off with a model less than half his age and younger than his first daughter, in the Christmas season.  The publication of Jo Marney’s racist texts about the Grenfell Tower deceased and survivors, and insulting Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle were an absolute gift to UKIP detractors wanting to falsely depict us as racists in disguise – the BNP in blazers.

Frustratingly, nothing was said or done about these toxic texts by Mr Bolton until weeks after they were published, and even now, although he has alleged they were somehow ‘doctored’, there have been no back-up details as to when, how, and by whom; nor publication of the original non-toxic versions of the offending texts. 

The feeble protest that they weren’t intended for public consumption doesn’t change what they tell you about the author – even if some were allegedly sent in the context of a humourless twisted dare.  A few days after being suspended, Jo Marney resigned her UKIP membership.

Mr Bolton said that had he known about these racist and other equally vile texts, he would not have become involved with Ms Marney, although it’s worth noting that he must have known about them sometime before they were published to have tried to prevent them from being published.  Yet having also declared that “our romance is clearly incompatible with my leadership”, Mr Bolton has since repeatedly told the media that he remains in “close contact” . . . “every night”, still loves her and that they may get back together.

A Google search on “Judge a man by the company he keeps” showed the apt Biblical (Old Testament) origin of this phrase: Proverbs 13:20 “He that walks with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”

With the UK apparently having an increasingly libertarian approach to moral issues and about 50% of UK marriages sadly failing, if his “change of relationship status” had been Mr Bolton’s only personal problem he might well have ridden out the storm and without too much adverse effect on UKIP; particularly if it were outweighed by an already established meaningful presence on the political stage and generally advancing UKIP.  But Mr Bolton’s continued association and romance with the author of racist and other disgusting texts now in the public domain means that should he remain leader UKIPpers will once again be accused of being the BNP in blazers and will be lucky to retain a 2% vote share, never mind go beyond regaining lost ground as we need to do to make a meaningful impression on the UK political landscape.  Thus anyone voting for Mr Bolton will be the political equivalent of a turkey voting for Christmas.

Don’t be taken in by the pathetic defence that UKIP doesn’t need the cost and disruption of another leadership contest as being a good reason to vote for Mr Bolton as if UKIPpers voting against him will somehow suddenly become responsible for such debacle.  This is as ludicrous as a convicted bank robber asking a judge not to jail him as the jails are overcrowded and the thousands of pounds cost of locking him up would be better spent on the NHS.

How ironic that during last year’s leadership contest, Mr Bolton challenged Marie Waters being allowed to stand saying UKIP was in danger of becoming the “UK Nazi party”, and upon being elected proclaimed that he had saved UKIP from this fate.

No wonder it has been reported that emails to the UKIP Head Office are 90% against Mr Bolton.  

The only question is how many of these keyboard warriors will manage to make the EGM and vote accordingly.  Voting out Bolton is about voting for us not to be labelled as the ‘BNP in blazers’ and to get a worthy leader who can lead the UKIP opposition to the sham Brexit currently being constructed by a bunch of feeble Remoaners on behalf of the 17.4 million Brexit voters.  

Vote against Bolton to uphold a true Brexit.

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