I guess we have all neglected a pan on the cooker for a few minutes too long and had to deal with the mess when it has boiled over. Inevitably a mess is always the result when a problem is not dealt with promptly. We are now witnessing the inevitable result of the Merkel government not only neglecting to deal with the issue of illegal immigrants (I refuse to use the PC term “asylum seekers” which, by UNHCR Asylum Procedures Directive definition they generally are not) but actively encouraging them whilst suppressing the German people who dare to speak out.

This morning, Friday 30th December, the Daily Express, with the headline “Germany at Boiling Point” reported on the known occurrence of 921 (an incomplete figure) recorded attacks on “refugee camps”: the pan has already started to boil over. Of course the Merkel government still plans to carry on importing ever more numbers of Muslim invaders regardless of the opposition of the native Germans.

Merkel might be one of the more ardent supporters of free movement and suppression of free speech but she is not alone. The unwarranted prosecution of Geert Wilders and others and, at least in the UK, the allowing of Muslims to spew forth their hatred of us for years confirms the lack of any fair balance. Some of us have experienced that hatred at a local level which is never reported, so no-one can say how widespread it is. On the other hand similar utterances by a native Brit may well lead to prosecution.

A summary of European “hate speech” laws may be found here.

Today I also read (in the Daily Mail) of yet another court case being brought in an attempt to frustrate our clean exit from the EU by four immigrants:

“These are ordinary working men and women who have decided to make their futures in the UK and wish the UK to be their permanent home. One has mixed nationality, one is a non-EEA national but married to an EEA national. We are trying to highlight the various types of people who will be left in a state of limbo following our withdrawal from the EU.”

How can it be right that four immigrants are being allowed to subvert democracy in a move to oppose what 17.4 million native Brits voted for?  If the government does not oppose this, bringing in some emergency legislation as necessary, then at least we know whose side they really support. Allowing Gina Miller to oppose us through the courts was bad enough; how much worse can it get before that pan really boils over?

Sadly such events are becoming commonplace so perhaps do not attract the outrage which they deserve.

My recent visit to the UK, which I wrote about some weeks ago (see “Letters to the Editor”), expressing surprise at how deep the invader is now entrenched, convinced me that preventing further immigration by such people is not enough. We now are in a position where large areas of our country need to be recovered from those who would subject us to the rule of Islam. That of course is an extremely difficult task which government will not even admit to, let alone face up to. However, owing to large differences in reproduction rates and ongoing uncontrolled immigration, dealing with it becomes more urgent by the day.

So what can be done about it? First of all government must accept that the problem is Islam, whose followers have been urged, and continue to be urged, to overcome the “infidel” and force him to accept their ways. Never mind that their ways are rooted in an ideology centuries old and wholly incompatible with our own ways and religions; that is their objective, reinforced by their attendance at the mosque and being required to learn their religious texts verbatim.

Some might suggest that Islam should become a proscribed religion and that the mosques be seized and demolished. However that would simply drive it underground; better that it is visible. Such action is also reminiscent of Orwell’s “Thought Police” and “Ministry of Truth”; organisations far worse than the comparatively benign evil of the BBC. Be careful what you wish for.

Others might suggest that the ghettos be eliminated so that they would have to mix with native Brits In the hope that they might change. How that would be done without kicking off a civil war is questionable and perhaps the time will come when their living in the various ghettos might be an advantage to us.

One thing that must be done is to restore policing of those ghettos.  Anyone who is familiar with them is surely also familiar with the rejection of our own laws, often made visible by their attitude to traffic law and verbal abuse, particularly among the young. For too long they have been let do as they please; I even had a friend who sat on the West Yorkshire Police Authority and resigned in disgust following the failure prosecute many of the Muslim rioters in Bradford.

Policing should include searches of the mosques and any other suspected properties for terrorists’ materials and weapons. That is a huge task in an area comprising of several hundred houses, schools, shops and a mosque or two. Certainly the police don’t have the numbers to do it and even the military would be stretched in areas like Bradford, Halifax, Rochdale, Oldham and other former cotton and woollen towns. I’m not so familiar with the likes of Birmingham, Leicester and the like but suspect the issue would be the same. It would not surprise me if there were already significant caches of weapons in such areas; the attacks that we have already experienced suggest that is the case.

Clearly based on present performance such measures are likely to be rejected by government so the problem will be allowed to grow and fester. Probably the only workable solution is selective repatriation over a period of years. Of course they will resist but at least that festering problem would gradually be reduced in scale. I wouldn’t mind giving them some financial help such as assisted passages and limited short term help to resettle in their own countries. That would be far better and probably cheaper than the destruction of their native countries practised by Blair, Bush, Cameron and Obama.

Having written this perhaps my analogy with a pan boiling over should be changed; we native Brits are generally a tolerant people but maybe what we really have is a pressure cooker and an explosion will result unless our wishes expressed in the Referendum are respected. I suspect, as more information comes out about the real intent of the EU, that support for leaving might be significantly greater than it was those few months ago. However, whatever the level of support, we still need to overcome the inertia of our own government.  UKIP faces an enormous challenge.


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