This is not as it first appears as a possible result of the excesses of Christmas Day but is a result of the government using Green Taxes on electricity bills, as well as money borrowed from the IMF to fund the Renewables policy, creating wind farms all over the place.

So on this crisp winter morning, when breakfast is a relatively small affair because of the over indulgence on food yesterday and sleeping in late because of much imbibing across the land. Hardly anyone is doing their washing and the order of the day so far may be steaming hot cups of coffee.  So electricity demand is quite low and may even be kept down when the fire in the lounge is lit and another yule log thrown on.

Looking at the National Grid site reporting ongoing electricity demand at 8.45am this morning showed the total consumption was 29GW, which is about two-thirds of demand of a working day.  Of this the coal fired stations, which take a little time to ramp up and ramp down were supplying 43% of our needs with an output of 12.8GW.

Our aging nuclear power stations, still with several shut down for preventive maintenance were coasting along with just over a quarter of our needs at 7.6GW, 25.7%.  Then the gas fired power stations, being the easiest to ramp up and down and used to compensate for the wild swings often produced by wind farms, were pootling along at a mere 4GW.

We were importing 5GW from overseas, which seems a bit strange as the gas fired capacity has more than enough headroom to supply that need.  Maybe it is more economic to import electricity from French nuclear generation than importing gas from Norway and Russia.

Anyway to get to the point, the thousands of wind turbines on land and offshore, with a capacity now of nearly 7GW, were supplying a mere 0.21GW.  That is 210MW and enough to power about 100,000 kettles.  So much for their contribution to the energy mix.

Not only that but of course their very existence and other costs associated with the green policy added 15% to everyone’s electricity bills last year and is set to increase to 33% by 2020.  Time to stop this nonsense, stop the subsidies, remove green taxes, and build more conventional continuously rated electricity-generating stations.

I wish all UKIPPERS a happy festive season and good luck to us all in May 2015.

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