Fox hunting theme runs predictably across political divides on most papers. Post-Christmas sales are featured by most, as is the bullish economic prediction of the CEPR report. Most papers report The Queen’s message while Edward Snowden’s Christmas Day message is reported in The Guardian and Independent.

Daily Telegraph

Queen: Prince George has given ‘renewed happiness’

UN sends more peacekeepers to South Sudan after thousands killed

Happy hunting for the Facebook generation

Archbishop of Canterbury urges Christians to fight greed and injustice

How far will that message get with the Big Government and Big Business leaders?

Daily Express

Troops toast last Christmas in Afghanistan

Retailers braced for £2.8bn bonanza

Floods until New Year: Misery of stormiest Christmas on record

Booming Britain will be the top dog as rest of Europe stagnates

The Centre for Economic Policy Research (who produced the report) “is partly funded by corporate members, mostly banks.” How independent is it, and who gets rich?

The Independent

‘No room at the inn’: Britain condemned for turning its back on Syria’s refugees

Eight out of ten want to keep fox hunting ban

Carwyn Jones: ‘The UK must continue down the road to becoming a federal nation’

Edward Snowden warns over global threat to privacy during Channel 4’s Alternative Christmas Message

The dilemma of balancing security with individual freedom

The Guardian

UK immigration bill could create ‘climate of ethnic profiling’ – UNHCR

Boxing Day rail ‘shutdown’ thanks to Tory minister’s hypocrisy, says Labour

Bletchley Park accused of airbrushing Edward Snowden from history

Turkish corruption scandal: three ministers quit

Boris assures us that the Turks are very nice really

Daily Mail

Shame of ‘Third World’ Gatwick: U.S. owners face probe after airport leaves thousands of passengers stranded in squalor at Christmas

Police spend only one day every week solving crime: We do more admin than catching burglars, warns chief constable

Pay in cheque… by sending bank a picture of it: Customers could have money in account in two days under new scheme

Hold vote on hunting ban or we’ll desert you, Tories told: Supporters’ threat to party as 250,000 join traditional Boxing Day events across the country

Seems like this issue needs a bit of real democracy to sort it out! A county by county referendum sounds like a good idea.

Daily Mirror

Thousands to attend Boxing Day hunts as poll shows 80% of people want fox hunting to STAY banned

Benefits blunder adds to Christmas misery for thousands as food bank users triple in 12 months

UK weather: Gatwick Airport chiefs face probe over Christmas Eve travel chaos

Pictured: Royal Navy crew enjoy Christmas in real-life winter wonderland of Antarctica

Sturdy chaps in their short sleeves. I’ll bet their parkas are off-camera ready to be thrown on once the picture’s been taken!

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