As we inch ever-closer to a complete Tory betrayal on Brexit (which we in UKIP always knew would happen), the public are at last waking up to the fact this is actually happening, and will be calling on us as the only party they can trust.

We must get out & about to let people know we’re still here; ready and able to take the fight to parliament on their behalf.

UKIP Bath & NE Somerset are holding an Action Day on 21st July (see below).  If you’re able to attend and help out please do.

I’m sure there are many other events all over the South West, so please let me have details so I can circulate them & try to boost numbers & support for you.  Please also forward details to your members.

UKIP Bath and North East Somerset Branch

Help Required! Fight the Tory Surrender!


DATE: 21st JULY 2018
TIME: 10:00 AM until 2:00PM latest
ASSEMBLY POINT: South Road Car Park @ 09:45 AM

Theresa May has hoisted the white flag over the white cliffs of Dover. The treacherous Tories are hell-bent on surrendering our sovereignty to the EU even though 17.4 million people voted against it. Are you concerned? If so, view UKIP leader, Gerard Batten’s latest video “Gerard Batten on the Tory Betrayal of British Independence” on our TV and Video Channel here.

We have trusted the Tories for too long and it is now clear that we must not let them get away with selling our country down the river. We now have no alternative but to make our voice heard once again, just as we did during the referendum campaign. It is time for us all to get off our collective seats and get back out on the streets to campaign for full and complete independence for the UK.  

Your Branch committee has organised a special action day to raise UKIP’s profile in Bath & North East Somerset and to make sure people know we have not gone away.  We must hit the Tories head-on and to do that we are heading right into Jacob Rees-Mogg’s territory in Midsomer Norton on 21st July. We really do need your help.


Another event Members may be interested in:

Please find below link to purchase tickets for the UKIP North Dorset Summer BBQ on Saturday 1st September featuring UKIP Leader Gerard Batten MEP. uk/uk-independence-party- north-dorset 


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