It looks like Brexit won’t do what we thought

And won’t achieve what its supporters support.

What is seemingly the trouble,

Is that goods, jobs and cash all went global.

So had we better put Brexit on hold,

Vote again and just leave the world?


The richest point one percent of us now

Move their billions around the world and that’s how

They can make us all compete more and more

For factories and jobs with the Asian poor.

So long as it’s not our job that’s lost

It‘s great getting goods at half the cost.


But if this trend were to continue apace

East and West would change social place.

The Eastern poor will be the new middle class

The Conservative West, the world’s new poor alas.

The global rich, now joined by Asians

Won’t care for the plight of their poor relations.


The poorest of us in the UK today

Are in the global top fifth in terms of pay.

But we will lose this privileged position

As we become a third world nation

Democratic stability won’t prevail any more

And we will descend into uncivil war.


We shouldn’t be under any delusion

That there exists a ‘market’ solution.

Economics is the basic worldwide cause,

Of world unrest and most of its wars.

The solution is simple; all it will take

Is a fairer way to divide up the cake.


This is the policy we try to pursue

Through being a member of the E.U.

The Union champions the rights of workers

Across the E.U. member’s borders.

Which is why right wing entrepreneurs

Are set against this state of affairs.


They can see their profits may fall,

If working conditions are fairer for all.

For exploiting us is so much harder

If rules are the same in Brum and Bratislava .

Job competition will still cause us concerns

But within the E.U., we’re on equal terms.


Prices and wages should work out the same

If we’re living in Scotland or in sunny Spain

And wage inequality will begin to reduce

All over Europe from Belfast to Vilnius

For the E.U.’s intent is to clip the wings

Of the global elite who are pulling the strings.


The trouble for us is at least for a while,

We’re sitting pretty near the top of the pile.

So in a levelling out situation

We can expect to pay out as a nation.

Clearly, this must come from the richest

But as we have seen this is not in their interest.


Like insurance, the premium we pay is small

To protect from the chances of losing it all.

For losing for sure is the way it’s looking

In competing with Asia on unequal footing.

Where there’s little or no welfare entitlement

Employment rights, nor care for the environment.


There are then trans-national corporations

With more wealth and clout than most of the nations.

We seem to lack the guts, will or the nous

To deal with them, in the way obvious.

Luckily for us we’re within the E.U.

Who ensure these megaliths all pay their due.


All over Europe you cannot escape,

The same accusations, there’s too much red tape.

And all over Europe you can hear them attest

Such complex regulation aren’t observed by the  rest .

To supervise these regs we’re obliged to maintain,

A bureaucratic army the infamed ‘gravy train’.


The E.U.’s undemocratic, that’s plain for to see

As here, it’s make believe, like ‘reality’ T.V.

It’s great entertainment, false news and pretends,

When right wing buffoons pose as working class friends.

It’s all bluff and bluster, shame outrage and phoney.

Which improves the cash flow to the banks of their cronies.


The E.U. dream of free movement of capital,

Labour and goods, is admirable not practical.

The concept is held to be self-rectifying

And for us all, great benefits supplying.

This is a long-term approximation

Which can meanwhile cause, complete devastation.


When immigrants in millions invade the U.K.

Without anything moving the opposite way.

The market becomes extremely distorted

And its cunning plans are fatally thwarted.

For there is no thought through intervention

To restore the EU’s best intention.


The more who come to the UK for sure,

The more the U.K. loses its allure.

Any region acclimated for its peace and its calm

If muscled in on by hoards must lose its charm.

This is a loose-loose state of affairs

For by coming they ensure what they came for’s not there.


Once left the E.U. we’ll be able to prevent

Europeans working here without our consent.

But will of course need to let in a few

To do all the jobs we don’t want to do.

As we’ll all grow older for some years to come,

To look after us all, we’ll need to let in some young.


We may stop E.U. workers taking jobs here,

But how do we stop our jobs going there?

We must stop our investment in foreign lands

And the importing of foreign goods must be banned.

We will soon get used to homemade wine

And the best beer anyway comes from the Tyne.


Outside the E.U. we will be on our own

All of our food will need to be home grown.

This will cost as in days before

Not a tenth of our income but one third or more

We may lose some international variety

But will stick to meat and two veg defiantly.


There should be plenty of chips and fish

Our great British dish. Oh how we wish

That with no Spanish trawlers invading our shore

We should have haddock and cod fried galore.

Provided these fish and us think the same

And don’t vote with their fins and swim off to Spain.


Don’t base a decision on this dialogue,

It’s not meant to enlighten, nor more to befog.

But as was confirmed by Boris and Nige,

Some so called ‘facts’ turn out to be lies,

Which makes the referendum a mockery

And invalid in terms of enlightened democracy.


Democracy requires an informed decision,

Based on a factual exposition

So although the UK is no plc

As some politicians would like it to be

Why do we not do as would any business

And get an objective cost benefit analysis ?


An erudite apolitical body could

Show which option gave the most good,

For the greatest number in terms of cost

A crucial factor we seem to have lost.

Armed with this neutral and expert advice,

We could vote again knowing the price.


Experts may give a clear stay or go,

Or may give a genuine ‘we don’t  know ‘.

The rules of debate would then pertain

The status quo we would have to maintain.

If the case for Brexit cannot be proven,

There is no reason to step into the unknown.  


On behalf of : Winnie the Pooh, Piglet. Tigger  Hehaw Kanga,. Roo, Owl, Rabbit ( and all his friends and relations.) .. Christopher Robin, Peter Rabbit¸Mopsy.Popsy and Cotton Tail, Jerminah Puppleduck. Jeremy Fisher,. Mr Macgregor, Taylor (of Gloucester). Disgruntled (of Tunbridge Wells), Robin Hood, John Peel, Johnny Walker and Nancy Blackett. The Mayor of Casterbridge, Elizabeth Bennet, Vicars of Bray and Dibley, Major General Stanley, Captains Corcoran, Pugwash and Mannering, Commander James Bond, Miss Marples, Billy Liar, Bill Sykes, Harry Potter, Bertie Wooster, Kipper Heron, Gussie Fink-Nottle,  Uncle Mathew, Great Uncle Tom Cobley et al …,


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