Brexiteers have always had to look across the Channel to see what our continental ‘friends’ were up to. Brexiteers know that the Paris-Berlin Axis needs to be watched, always.

Since our Brexit vote, we especially needed to see what France and Germany got up to. Our hopes of a more Brexit-friendly France were dashed when the arch-EU-promoter M Macron suddenly came to power last year and when the ‘Queen of the EU’, Madame Merkel, got re-elected as German chancellor a few months later.

But while Macron is visiting the EU capitals, promoting his plan for a France-dominated EU, castigating the democratically elected governments of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic for their stance against taking in all those illegal immigrants who’ve flooded Germany and the EU, Ms Merkel’s weaknesses, a year on, are hard to conceal. Now the German electorate is slowly showing her the red card.

This month there were two election in German ‘Laender’ resulting in major losses for Merkel’s coalition. In Bavaria, the junior partner, the German Labour Party SPD, achieved only  9.5% of the vote. Yesterday in the in Hesse the reigning Merkel Party lost over 10% of the vote, as did the junior partner SPD.

So – where did the votes go to? It’s fair to say that those who used to vote ‘left’ now voted Green, and those who voted conservative went to the AfD, which achieved over 12% in Bavaria and 13% in Hesse. Both these results were from a standing start. And let’s not forget that last year, the AfD won 90+ seats in the German Parliament, the Bundestag.

This achievement is even more formidable when one takes into account the unprecedented campaign against the AfD not just in the German MSM but in the Bundestag and the Laender Parliaments where the establishment Parties categorically refuse to even contemplate forming a coalition with them, where the establishment Parties’ line is: ‘we do not talk with the AfD’.

We Kippers know what it’s like to be smeared in the MSM on a daily basis, we experienced this in 2014 and 2015 and in the way the official ‘Leave’ campaigners declared UKIP for so ‘toxic’ that they’d rather lose than sharing platforms with Kippers – Leave.EU and Grassroots Out being the ‘Alternative for Leave’. But (so far) our establishment hasn’t declared UKIP as the enemy which needs to be observed by MI5 prior to being forbidden.

That is happening in Germany though. It is understandable that Germans are extremely sensitive to neo-nazi organisations, that the shout of ‘they are Nazis’ works very well, even over 70 years after the end of WWII. It is therefore the more impressive that German voters still went and voted for the AfD, which is now represented in every one of the German Laender Parliaments.

Yesterday’s result is even more astonishing on the background of the MSM’s incessant bashing of the AfD combined with their promoting the Greens to an unprecedented extent such that they now describe current Green leaders with awe as ‘charismatic’ new figures! I cannot refrain from quoting the Leader of the German LibDems who labelled the Greens “Climate-Nationalists” (“Klimanationalisten”) in a big post-election Talk Show on German state TV – to which the AfD had of course not been invited.

So – what happened, and why is this important for Brexit?

What happened is that many Germans have had enough of the Merkel-Era. They see crimes rising in their towns and villages thanks to ‘enrichment’; they note that such crimes aren’t reported nationally while an allegedly ‘right-wing’ local demo heads the national front pages for days.

Those who didn’t want the AfD stayed at home. Turn-out in Hesse was lower by about 10% yesterday compared to the previous election. A loss of over 10% of the votes for each of the Merkel Coalition Parties, within two weeks in two different Laender elections, speaks volumes. While some may claim that Merkel surely must go now, that this surely is the end of the German ‘Grosse Coalition’,  I am not so certain.

Yes, Ms Merkel will have to face her members at the Party conference in December, but there are no viable successors. Moreover, the German Party Big Beasts know that a new GE will mean they lose their place at the trough. The same goes for the now dismal SPD which cannot even afford to fight another election. Thus the dinosaur that is the German Merkelian government will carry on.

Ms Merkel can now only earn brownie points on the EU stage. So expect no softening at all in her stance against Brexit, to the contrary. The EU is Germany’s Holy Cow. The speeches of AfD politicians in the Bundestag where they are the largest opposition Party are simply not being heard over here because they are not being reported. You know the way the MSM work: if it’s not on the BBC it didn’t happen.

Let’s face it: we are on our own with Brexit. It’s futile to hope for an Italian crash damaging Brussels. It’s futile to expect help from the new EU Parliament which will be elected in May next year. Yes, the anti-EU parties will probably get a major boost – but we have learned by now how the EU Parliament works!

Keep in mind that the possible loss of access to the well-filled troughs of Parliaments, EU or national,  concentrates the minds of establishment politicians wonderfully. Our esteemed Tory MPs, our esteemed Tory PM and her government, have illustrated this perfectly in the last week. Never forget that the quip by a German writer: ‘erst kommt das Fressen, dann kommt die Moral’ (grub first, then ethics) applies to all politicians, everywhere, from the EU down to German Laender Parliaments and above all to our own government.

Therefore: getting Brexit is up to us, the grassroots. One hopes that our leadership will now put all their effort into this one issue and not get sidetracked. After all, there won’t be a German Connection helping us any time soon.

While we congratulate the AfD on their outstanding success we must accept that this – still – doesn’t mean a new page in the annals of the EU. Yes, the ‘Merkel-Daemmerung’ has surely started, but that doesn’t mean it’s a ’ Brexit Sunrise’ for us.

We’re on our own – so let’s get on with it.


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