I’m not joking! Look up Genesis 25, 29 – 32 where we read how Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of pottage. That is precisely what is happening now, what our governing elites have been doing since dawn broke on June 24th 2016. It’s all about ‘Trade’, more ‘Trade’, and even more ‘Trade’. That’s the bowl of pottage for which they sell our birthright to the EU!

It feels like Groundhog Day, doesn’t it, because “but: Trade!” was what we’ve kept hearing from the Remainers during the whole Referendum campaign, incessantly. At that time it was garnished with dire predictions dreamed up in Whitehall for ‘Project Fear’. Now it’s the be-all and end-all of our negotiations, ahem, of our abject surrender: we ‘must have’ trade talks, trade is all, and to hell with every other issue.

How many times have I mentioned that the EU was dreamt up mostly by French politicians! How many times have authors here on UKIP Daily pointed out the fundamental differences between our society, especially when it comes to the Judiciary, and the Continental system on which the EU is based! Do we really need any more evidence that the Continentals have never forgiven us for defeating their tyrants in the last 200 years, on their behalf, than this “Agreement”, the “May Surrender Document”?

Why did she do it? Because of that latest Holy Cow: Trade!

This is not why 17.4 million voted Out! But just as it was then, so it is now: mention our national sovereignty and they laugh: a bowl of pottage, now, is what we need – birthright be damned!

Mention the scandal of agreeing that a foreign power will hold sway over our courts, in the form of the CJEU, and they laugh: Law is Law – Magna Carta? Irrelevant! Mention the voluntary decimation of our defence, our Armed Forces: they howl with laughter! The EU Army will protect us all; the EU is keeping the peace, so shut up! Mention immigration: they’ll threaten you with ‘hate speech’…

It’s not just our own traitors who think it’s funny that we plebs are concerned about selling our birthright for the modern equivalent of a bowl of pottage. Our dear friends on the Continent and even in the USA think this is a wonderful deal: what could be worse than having our own Parliament decide our own laws, our own Courts decide our own court cases, our own Armed Forces defend us, our own borders kept secure by our own border forces, when ‘Trade’, that Holy Cow, might be affected?

Napoleon said of us that we were a nation of shopkeepers. It would seem that this is the premise on which M Barnier and his henchmen have worked – and by gawd, he and his Brusselocrats have been proven right by our own, traitorous lot!

The one-and-only Gerard Warner in his own inimitable style wrote an essay on Sunday, on treason and traitors – I urge you to read it: “May’s Brexit betrayal is a treason too far”

Here he asks the question we’ve not heard or seen asked anywhere else in the MSM:

“[…] the Government, perversely led by a Remainer Prime Minister and Chancellor, delayed for nine months before even invoking Article 50, on the grounds that time was needed for “preparation”; how prepared British negotiators were has been made evident more recently. What no one in foreign diplomatic circles can comprehend is why, in equal negotiations between two sovereign entities, the British Government ever agreed to the loaded agenda, led by a discussion of a non-existent Brexit debt, and now ending in unconditional surrender.”

Indeed – what preparation? Did our ‘negotiators actually work at all, except for jaunting back and forth to Brussels? Not when, as Henry Bolton said, that ‘May Surrender Document’ had mostly been written in Brussels!

Didn’t we scoff when Remainers at home and abroad told us mockingly that our civil servants had forgotten how to negotiate and write ‘Agreements’? Seems they were right: not because our civil serpents were incapable but because they had already surrendered and had done so for decades, voluntarily, behind our backs. Thus they see nothing wrong with our country approaching Juncker, Tusk, Verhofstadt, and Barnier like supplicants, like curs hoping the next kick won’t hurt so much.

And thus we finally recognise why the concerns of 17.4 million of us about our sovereignty, about taking back control of our own destiny and security, simply never penetrated the discourse set by the traitors in Westminster Village: our ruling classes, the politicians, and Mandarins, had long given up on those points.

From Ms May at the Home Office accepting the EAW and envisioning calling Eurogendfor when needed, from Tony Blair’s abject acceptance that the CAP would not be changed even when he returned some of the rebate Mrs. Thatcher had wrung out of Brussels, from the secret signing of the Lisbon Treaty by Gordon Brown, from the cavalier attitude of David Cameron to the Referendum, who even forbade Whitehall to work out a Plan B, just in case – it’s all of the same cloth: traitors all, like those who turned a blind eye and let it all pass, and those who praised all this in our MSM.

So here we are: Groundhog Day! For our ‘betters’ in government and the media, only “Trade” is worthy of consideration, everything else is just irrelevant fluff. It was thus during the Referendum campaign, it is so now.

Why are we allowing them to sell our birthright for a bowl of pottage? Perhaps we ought to remind the traitors that, if I remember that bible story correctly, Esau didn’t prosper…

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