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Finally, there has been much ado about something lately and this piece wouldn’t be complete without it. So yes, I’m now breaking the ‘don’t mention Islam’ rule.

Islam was on many minds at the conference and for good reason as it is very regrettably, but very definitely, a factor at the sharp end of GB’s politics at present. Although the people I spoke to didn’t say much about it and nor did I, we didn’t need to. The whole ‘will AMW win or not’ question said it all for us. Incidentally I have great respect for AMW and for that matter Tommy Robinson. However, security and defence against legal attacks cost a lot of money. They can continue to fight for the cause and I hope they do, but perhaps not from a UKIP platform. Ours is a larger fight – the fight to win an election.

However, Islam is a significant part of our fight and very much on our political radar.

So, to begin, I do think it important to distinguish between the politicised, weaponised, vicious, nasty face of Islam we sadly see so often on the news and its other face, the nice one representative of ordinary people simply practising their religion, going about their business and getting on with life; the face that seldom gets onto the front page of newspapers. I’ve seen both, up close and personal.

I’m sure we’d all prefer to see more of its nice face. There will be some in their number who came to GB to escape its nasty face only to be followed by the nasties! Of these could there even be some that might vote UKIP? After all we do aspire to one day become a government, one that offers a safer, more civilised way of life, one that cares a lot about its people and their well-being, and only a little about the EU (if they behave).

Regrettably the aims of the nasties of Islam extend well beyond sickening slaughter because for them and their benefactors who let them in (and these we should not overlook or forget) the body-count is little more than a tool that gives them free publicity.

Far more dangerous is the intimidating effect this sort of onslaught has as it invokes in ordinary citizens a type of nationwide Stockholm syndrome, the exact opposite of what is needed if we are to win elections. I see complacency and acceptance, the cowed submission of our populous, as UKIP’s biggest threat, politically. It’s being done on purpose and it’s being done because it works.

So, it’s important that we see it for what it is. It’s a psychological attack.

And Islam’s nasties are only a small part of it.

Propaganda in our universities, re-written history in our high schools, kiddy-fiddlers gender-bending our young children in primary schools, self-censorship through politically ‘correct’ speech … the list goes on and on.

Islam’s nasties can’t possibly kill all of us or even a significant number of us. But they can break the will of ordinary, politically unaware people to resist and make them vulnerable to the full psychological onslaught we now face at all levels of our society.

So, what can we do about it all?

The Stockholm Effect works because people selectively forget unpleasant or frightening events. They stop thinking about the victims because that is painful but the intimidating effect and the feelings of hopelessness these outrages engender linger on. This can be countered by regularly holding memorials for those killed and their families to get people to think about the victims again and to realise that there is something they can do about it.

Clearly this is something that would be difficult or perhaps inappropriate for UKIP, being a political party, to do.

However, the good news is, it is already being done!

The football lads’ march in London. Saturday 7/10/2017. A good place to start is 27:07, where it begins with a brief interview followed by a few speeches which describe what their movement is doing.

There would of course be nothing wrong with football supporters who also happen to be Kippers joining future marches. Indeed, I would be surprised if this was not already the case.

Finally, I’ve left some links below on the basis that the more we know about what we’re up against the more we can do to oppose it.

The Mark Steyn Show with Jordan Peterson

You can get more of Jordan Peterson here.

Robert Spencer: I got poisoned for speaking the bitter truth:.

Douglas Murray at a BBC discussion on Islam.

Pamela Geller on Islam, Sharia and honour killings

This is less polite than the BBC discussion but reveals things one would not hear on the Beeb. It gets going properly at the 3:00 mark.

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