If you have the sneaky feeling that the BREXIT campaign so far looks suspiciously like the ‘Phony War’ because a number of politicians and even hacks are supportive of the OUT vote, then I have bad news for you: we ain’t seen nothing yet!

Cameron may well garner derisory laughs when he warns that haggis exports may drop or that we all will have to pay much more for our socks and gloves because of huge EU duty tariffs, but these remarks are not exactly ratcheting up the ‘Climate of Fear’ which would make people scared of voting OUT.

Like any good military campaign, troops and support needs to be put in place before the attack, and that is what we can observe in various papers and publications already – before the full force hits the headlines at the BBC. Of course, there are also the small, insidious attacks which affect people and which aren’t ‘worthy’ of getting more than a brief mention in a small article.

There’s the report of a teenager being questioned in school by the special police unit dealing with suspected islamic radicals, for looking at the UKIP website, in relation to immigration. The teacher called the police because this was akin to ‘political extremism’.

Well, that made it into the papers, but who knows how many others will now be afraid of even looking? You think this must be a single case? Then do read this article again! The instruments for such attacks are all in place.

While that might be similar to the dropping of leaflets from aircraft in advance of a bombing campaign, there is what we might call the very careful placement of ‘Big Guns’. Don’t forget that one of the favourite ways of the MSM is telling us that “everybody says so, so who are you to disagree”, thus we note that the Remainiacs  are starting to haul in the top military, slowly and surreptitiously, but it is starting to look as if this is gathering speed.

A few weeks ago, we read the extraordinary news of General Sir Michael Rose publicly saying that 10 Downing Street had wrongly put his name on that letter backing Cameron’s ‘IN’ campaign – a letter he had not signed.

Thus we had the first inkling that Cameron will use our Armed Forces to bombard us with scare stories about our security not being guaranteed if we leave.

And wouldn’t you know – another ‘Household Name’, General Sir Mike Jackson came out a couple of days ago with an article where he advocates staying in because leaving would be a ‘strategic risk’, and never mind gaining back our sovereignty.

Today, the BBC reports the warning of the top US General in Europe that BREXIT would weaken NATO, especially in NATO’s fight against … “That Man”, Putin. This is not surprising because in the final report of the NATO Top commander, General Breedlove, who leaves the post in May, clearly describes in page after page that the only ‘enemy’ of NATO is Russia.

So we must all be very afraid and stay in, right?

Wrong – because as anyone with a memory going back further than last week knows, NATO was founded well before the EU, and it worked very well without Great Britain being at ‘strategic risk’ for decades, before we joined the EU.

Facts don’t matter when the ‘Climate of Fear’ must be stoked!

But then we have the other side of the dirty tricks – the silence, the non-reporting of Brussels’ plans which will be implemented should we stay in. You may have read the articles dealing with the loss of our fundamental freedoms and the threat to our judicial system, here , here and here – if not, please do so!

If that isn’t sufficient, then look at the way Brussels will make us hand over even more of our money. The ‘immigrant crisis’ isn’t over, Cameron has already promised an extra £500 million to Turkey with more demands in the pipeline. There are rumours about an impending banking crash similar to the 2008 one, and guess what Brussels will be doing: take our money, directly, because we will be forced into ever-closer-union if we remain, and thus will lose the prerogative of Parliament to set taxes and spending.

As always when dealing with Brussels and the EU – these ideas and strategies have been long in the planning and making, described in this report which, leaving the fluff aside, should really, truly, make you sit up and reflect on why staying IN won’t save your money.

If you’re inclined to listen to top businessmen, and if the utterances of the CBI – firmly in the “IN-camp” – make you feel just a bit worried, then fear not. This is part of the “Climate of Fear”, trying to make you fear about your job and money, and thus given prominence in the MSM. what you will not read about because the MSM won’t report it are the far more weighty arguments by top economists and businessmen who believe that BREXIT would provide more jobs and a better economy.

As in combat sports from the Far East, we need to use the arguments of the Remainiacs against them, be it in regard to economics, be it in regard to our security.

The best way to do that is to create our own ‘Climate of Fear’ – the fear of what will happen should the Remainiacs win – and keep repeating the bare, naked truth.

Editor’s Note: While Viv has authored this piece we must thank two UKIP members, one in East Surrey, the other in Germany, for the source material for this article.

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