Brexit? Hard, soft, ‘orderly’, ‘crashing out’ or ‘going over a cliff’? Dream on – it’s not going to happen unless we do something – now! Now, while our esteemed MPs are back home and available to talk to. Now, while we can tell them where their duty lies – not with Ms May, not with Mr Corbyn, not with the EU, but with us, the sovereign.

We now know for certain that they are selling us out – the little nuggets of ‘Brexit News’ we found yesterday (see this report, or better, read Debbie’s report on it here) are like telltales, showing us in which direction Britannia is going to sail with Ms May at the helm.

We must not delude ourselves that Tory shenanigans or indeed a snap GE will get us the clean break we asked for, or hope that some on the government backbenches take courage and depose Ms May. “Leaks” from Brussels yesterday indicate that this might just be what Brussels and indeed the remainers want.

It is always interesting to observe how and when leaks from “sources” are carefully placed into the public domain, usually via a ‘trusted’ journalist employed by a broadsheet. The primary aim is of course to herd the masses into a desired direction, in this case the submission to Barnier and Juncker. But reading between the lines and connecting other dots swirling around in the MSM lets a picture emerge which ought to make all of us sit up.

Take, for example, the increasing clamour from remainers for a second referendum. Take the hard work by arch enemies of Brexit and of us, the voters, to keep us in the EU at all costs. Remember that report about Vince Cable meeting Blair and his cronies in secret last week? It was so secret and so important that he could not be present in the HoC to vote against the government Bill. They ‘only’ met to explore establishing a ‘cross-party-coalition’ to fight Brexit and to fight, of course, “right-wing populism”.

The key word here is ‘cross party’ – and that means all remainers, from the LibDems to the Tories, from Labour to the SNP and Plaid, ganging up on the Brexiteers. But wait – that’s just in the HoC, so what would that achieve, all things remaining equal?

Not a lot – and they know it. So watch Brussels riding to the rescue:

“Brussels sources have told The Telegraph that it [an extension to Article 50] is theoretically possible but would be very difficult. They revealed that an extension request, were it ever to be made by Theresa May, would only be accepted to accommodate a second Brexit referendum or a general election”

The rest of the article erects one straw man after the other to knock them down – from ‘all 27 EU members would have to agree and that might not be likely’ to ‘but then we’d have to re-do all the work for next year’s EU Parliamentary Elections and, how horrible, lots of anti-EU (that’s right-wing populists) Parties might win seats’ to ‘we really just want the UK to get on with things’ … all valid reasons, one might think! But one paragraph lets the cat (not vicious Palmerston of the Foreign Office who seems to be the only vicious denizen there) out of the proverbial bag:

“Frankly, there is only one scenario that politically would make sense for the EU to accept a request for an extension of Article 50 – and that is to accommodate a new general election or a second referendum,” a European Parliament source said.”

There’s also this:

“What can’t be denied is that there are some contingency plans in place to allow for an extension. The Electoral Commission has set aside money in case a European election had to be run. And, perhaps tellingly, at the last EU summit, Theresa May rubber-stamped EU plans to allow British MEPs to keep their quota of seats beyond Brexit Day if Article 50 was extended.”

There it is: to keep us in, all May needs is a snap GE, or preparations for a second referendum.

This, dear friends, is the dirty secret which explains why Ms May has now declared herself to be the Chief Brexit negotiator, why her Svengali, Olly Robbins, has now got 50 civil serpents from the more-or-less defunct DexEU Department to deal with that work, why Mr Raab had to declare yesterday in the HoC that there would have to be a re-write of the Withdrawal Bill so that things could tick over until 2020.

Remember that our wonderful Mandarins had no contingency plans at all in case “Leave” won the referendum nor have they bothered until about now to even think of a contingency plan if we just leave on March 29th 2019 and go “WTO” – but they do for an ‘extension to article 50’!

You draw your own conclusions … and don’t think it’s too far-fetched to get another extension… and another… so that we’ll still be under Brussels’ boots for God knows how long.

Mind you, there’s always something unexpected cropping up, especially in politics. I was chuckling when I read this in regard to the EU Parliamentary Elections:

“There is also the risk that the elections would become a quasi-second referendum in Britain with voters backing Ukip […] No one in the overwhelmingly pro-EU parliament would want a Ukip surge amid rumours of a thwarted Brexit, especially when they are so close to finally getting rid of them.”

Clever EU Parliamentarians!

Our Establishment, especially the MSM, are behind the times though. They still think UKIP is dead. They don’t know that those said to be dead live longest.

UKIP however is very much alive, very much kicking – perhaps not in London Establishment circles, but out here, where the Leave voters live, where some remainers are turning to Leave because they are sick of the disgusting spectacle the Blairs, Cables, Mays and Tory remainicas are producing.

I leave you with the very good news that there were yet another 800+ new membership applications coming in just last week. People, voters, are realising: if you want Brexit, you need UKIP – UKIP is Brexit!

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