I noted with some astonishment that M Barnier’s speech – analysed here, here, and here – has apparently had no impact on the Brexit discourse. After PESCO, with Ms May not having signed on that particular dotted line, people and campaigners simply have left the room …

We’ve been reading and writing about the ‘Divorce Bill’, about Eire’s attempt to nullify Brexit with their demand for a ‘hard border’ and their threatened veto. We’ve been reading and writing about the perversion of our Judiciary by allowing the ECJ to adjudicate in our country even after Brexit-of-whatever-flavour.

Every day we get another ‘news item’ from ‘Project Fear’, every day the Remainers in the Westminster Establishment and above all in the MSM are more demanding. Yesterday, one Sunday paper even had a poll showing that 52% would want a Second Referendum!

Every day we get reports on how weak Ms May is – she is indeed, but this has now mutated into a campaign created by passed-over ‘mutineers’ in the Tory Party who are given the red-carpet treatment by the BBC.

That lot know full well: if Ms May is made to go, there will be another GE. That lot know full well: another GE would see Corbyn in 10 Downing Street. That lot know full well that a Labour Government would make us scurry back to Brussels in no time.

This public haggling over the ‘Divorce Bill’ is like a shell game, a confidence trick to take our eyes away from what is really going on: the might of Whitehall being deployed behind our backs to keep us in. This is where the Great Betrayal is manufactured!

M Barnier’s speech contained some facts which we never heard before. Mind you, even many of our staunch Brexiteers, from Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg to John Redwood and others seem as ignorant as we are, hard to believe as that is.

Looking back, our civil servants, the Whitehall Mandarins, have been enamoured of the powers which Brussels confers to the bureaucrats, i.e. themselves, right from the start of us joining the EU.

Recall what we found out on June 24th 2016, after Cameron had resigned: his government, i.e. his cabinet advisers, his Whitehall secretaries, had not prepared for the Leave win: there was no “Plan B” on how to implement Cameron’s promise made in that government brochure, to put in effect what we had decided.

We also didn’t pay much attention to another sign: nearly all information that was fed into the Remain campaign, creating ‘Project Fear’, has come from Whitehall – mostly the Treasury but also the FCO. Other departments (Home Office, Justice) simply disengaged.

These Whitehall Mandarins are the same people who now have to work to implement Brexit … and we wonder why Mr Davis and our team look so foolish?

There’s more, as M Barnier’s speech illustrated: he is an EU bureaucrat par excellence. He has been working there for  twenty years, being instrumental in that Saint Malo Treaty, the Lisbon Treaty, in running things for M Juncker (see here). He’s a very big spider in the Brussels web.

What heavy caliber has Mr Davis on his side? None who know their way around the Brussels spiderwebs, that’s for sure! Those who would know are remainers …

Given the negotiation results so far, do we really think Mr Davis’ Whitehall advisers are all working 100% for Brexit? I don’t, because ever since T. Blair the Civil Service has been ruined, politicised, stacked with labourites and brainwashed through Common Purpose. The few young lawyers in Mr Davis’ Brexit department who’ve produced papers astonishing even M Barnier et al: never heard of again, vanished without a trace …

The indisputable fact, that the whole area of security and defence addressed by M Barnier is being utilised by Whitehall to bind us to Brussels forever, has not been mentioned anywhere.

The equally indisputable fact that, as M Barnier hinted, this ‘project’ has been going on for 20 years hasn’t raised any eyebrows.

Instead, we have all been successfully sidetracked, even during the Referendum campaign, into questions of money: just right for this ‘nation of shopkeepers’! Sovereignty, which for so many of us was the key issue, didn’t get a look-in.

How many times have eminent writers and pressure groups tried to get the EAW and Corpus Juris into the Leave debate! Still, they were hugely successful compared to the issue of ‘EU Defence’ as described by M Barnier which simply never, to my knowledge, was mentioned anywhere.

One would’ve thought that defence and security would’ve made a great instrument for use in “Project Fear”: us poor Brits, all lonely, unable to defend ourselves without the EU …. But no. So why did that not happen? Why is it still not happening? Not being able to defend ourselves because of Brexit surely is the ultimate “Fear Porn”?

M Barnier’s speech shows why: it is the one way through which Brussels and Whitehall can tie us to the EU, can undo Brexit. So we must never be told. Even the dumbest of Brexit voters – and we’re all dumb, as we’re being reminded so often – would grasp that this issue goes to the core of Sovereignty.

Laws are not something people usually think about when speaking of sovereignty. Parliamentary sovereignty: that concept has now successfully been muddled by remoaners and Labour. But ask who decides about our country going to war and even the least educated of Brexit voters knows: we decide, not Junckers, not Macron, not Merkel, not Mogherini!

An that is the reason why Whitehall has kept this secret for 20 years, why Whitehall has not used it in ‘Project Fear’, and why M Barnier’s speech has been made to sink without trace!

Letting Brexit slide, as Whitehall wants, ‘negotiating’ over billions here and there while secretly being kept in the suffocating embrace of Brussels because of ‘defence and security’ – that is the Great Betrayal of 17 million voters, and ultimately an even greater betrayal of all our people.

Do we want our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters, our dads and mums sent to fight a bloody war on the say-so of Juncker? If not, then fight for Brexit! All our lives may well depend on it.

Fight for Brexit because our government is betraying all of us!

[In a follow-on article I’ll look at how the Great Betrayal is being brought about.]

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