While I’m waiting for my transport to Birmingham, I glanced at the papers and nearly fell off the sofa!

If we Brexiteers needed just one argument for Brexit, then it surely is this headline in Thursday’s ‘live’ report in the DT, from the Salzburg EU meeting:

Brexit: EU leaders ‘almost unanimous’ in support for second UK referendum – latest news

Who do they think they are? “EU Leaders” dictating to our government, to our PM – and ultimately to us, the British voters who voted for Brexit?

This is due to he pernicious work of our Remainers in the Establishment and the MSM, not to forget the three stooges, Blair, Clegg and Major. It is the pernicious work of the EU ‘negotiators’ who believe, with time running out, that they can force us to vote again – and again – until they like the result. We remember: the EU ‘has form’!

Since negotiations started, the EU in the shape of M Barnier has kept telling us ‘non’. They accuse us of ‘not making progress’, that is: our proposals are useless and like naughty school children, we’re sent back to do more homework.

What infuriates me even more is the supine attitude of our negotiators in Whitehall, Olly Robbins first and foremost. They simply cower and trot back like beaten dogs. Yes, we know they are Remainers to the core – but by heck: have they no honour? Have they such disgust of us voters that they’d rather creep to the Brussels fleshpots and beg for more? Are the masochists, do they like being humiliated again and again?

I shall refrain from saying what I think of our miserable excuse for a PM – we all knew that she’d already been thoroughly domesticated by her civil serpents at the Home Office, so her supine attitude comes as no surprise, but surely even she cannot allow herself to be paraded before the 27 EU leaders like a stupid school girl, again and again?

The latest ‘excuse’ is that suddenly all 27 EU nations fear that even Chequers (!) would give the UK an ‘unfair’ advantage … in what? Trade? They export more to us than we to them, so why would that change? It couldn’t be, could it, because they have swallowed the Project-Fear-pills and are now scared of seeing borders go up … well, tough: you started it with the disgraceful red herring of a ‘hard border’ in Ireland!

Of course M Macron had to give his assessment:

“We have very clear principles regarding the integrity of the single market and regarding precisely the Irish border. It was precise in March and it was endorsed by the 27 members. So, we have to find collectively and we need a UK proposal precisely preserving this backstop in the framework of a withdrawal agreement.”

In other words: do as we say and to heck with your proposals! This is how to ‘make progress’ the Macron way.

But all that talk about there ‘not having been progress’ is flim-flam. “Progess” for the EU means we accede to their diktat – they don’t need to budge an inch. Some of them seem to slowly understand that this is the way to a ‘no-deal Brexit’, and lookit here what the Irish PM suddenly says:

“Time is running short… Ireland is a country that obviously wants to avoid a no deal scenario, we want to avoid a no deal Brexit, (but) we are preparing for that, we are hiring extra staff and officials, putting in IT systems, we’re ready for that eventuality should it occur. But I think we need to double our efforts over the next couple of weeks to make sure that we have a deal.”

So Ireland is actually capable of installing the ‘hard border’ the EU wants? Well well well!

But in reality they want us to stay under the Brussels boot, that’s why they are not open to our proposals, even the weak and feeble Chequers deal. That’s why they want a Second Referendum – that would get them out of their self-created mess, and with the help of the global bankers, the Blairs, Cleggs, Millers, Majors, Heseltines, Mandelsons, the BBC, the MSM, the Olly Robbins and the Labour and Tory Remainers they believe they can win this time round! There will be more Project Fears, there will be an increase in the incessant Remain propaganda, there will be interference in our domestic policies (‘Vote remain or you will get Corbyn” – ‘Vote Remain to end Tory Cuts”) – surely this time we voters will see sense!

This is what they want. This is how they see ‘democracy’ and ‘EU values’: blatant disregard for the voters, blatant disregard for a democratic decision. Of course, the spectre of a 2nd referendum means that Article 50 will be scuppered, ahem, ‘extended’ so that we won’t be out, regardless of the result of their desired 2nd Referendum.

That’s not what we voted for – Ms May, Mr Corbyn – all your Tories and Labour remainers: beware! You have no idea what you will kick off if you cave in!


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