Today, as many of us as are able to are attending rallies to celebrate our famous victory on June 23rd two years ago.

Today is also a good time to reflect on what happens when the majority of voters think “job done” and go back home. As we know, Brexit isn’t ‘done’ – and as some of us know and as many others are beginning to recognise, winning Brexit and defeating the EU is becoming more and more urgent because Brussels, the Establishment Parties and the MSM have been undermining the most important pillar of a democratic society: Freedom of Speech, thanks to EU legislation.

First, here is the letter sent by Paul Oakley, UKIP General Secretary, to Inspector Yaxley of the Met Police:


Lexdrum House, King Charles Business Park, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6UT

By email only:

13 June 2018

Dear Inspector Yaxley

UKIP are writing with reference to the parliamentary hustings which were held at the Salvation Army Hall in Catford on the evening of 12 June 2018 to which we seek your urgent response.

As you know, Lewisham Police were informed in advance of the likely threat to that event by far- left activists. Indeed, there was a significant police presence there. In a startling decision, your officers permitted the protestors to congregate right at the entrance to the hall where they threatened, harassed and assaulted members of the public who were lawfully attending the hustings. No attempt was made was made to move those people away or, as far as I could see, to arrest any of the demonstrators who had committed criminal offences in clear sight of police.

Further, far-left activists within the hall itself went on to disrupt the speeches of the candidates at the meeting. Although there were police officers inside the building, these people were allowed to carry on disturbing the proceedings without any intervention or ejection.

Astonishingly, an operational decision was instead made that your officers would line up to block access by members of the public to the event.

As a direct consequence of the involvement of Lewisham Police, the event was cancelled. Had your officers acted in a proper manner and within their powers this would not have been the case and locals would have been able to experience what should have been an informative aspect of an important parliamentary election.

Accordingly, we look forward to receiving your full explanation for the bewildering failure by your officers to police this event in anything approaching an adequate manner. Further, kindly confirm the number of arrests which were made.

Please note that both this letter and your reply, or lack thereof, are not to be considered either private or confidential.

Yours sincerely

Paul Oakley UKIP General Secretary


Interfering with Freedom of Speech and our other democratic right – Freedom of Association – is a clear attack on the fundamental basis of our democratic society.  The disruption of the Lewisham Parliamentary Hustings on June 12th shows how that is done – with the ‘demonstrators’ and the state in the form of the Police colluding to hinder Parliamentary candidates to have their say and be heard, to deny voters their right to hear what candidates have to say.

Nothing shows the contempt Labour has for their clientele, the ‘little people’, more than the weasel words of the Mayor of London in answer to David Kurten AM at the Assembly in the video clip in an article here. Nothing shows the poisonous atmosphere of our political discourse more than the ‘excuse’ of the candidates of both the main Parties not to attend because they didn’t want to give ‘the oxygen of publicity’ to the ‘far right’ candidate Anne Marie Waters. Above all, their contempt cannot be demonstrated more clearly than by the fact that they allowed the mob to rule, by allowing the police to stop the Hustings and disperse the audience rather than disperse the mob – a mob organised by the same Party whose candidate disdained to attend – see this latest article in Kipper Central.

Do remember, on this day, that the ‘hate speech’ legislation comes straight from Brussels.

Do remember, on this day, that our government and the Whitehall Establishment are still implementing EU Legislation and will do so unless they are forced to accede to a clean Brexit, to us leaving without any of the ‘conditions’ Brussels is putting on the table with impunity, without any challenge by government and establishment.

We cannot, must not ‘go home’ again – our job is not done.

We do want to achieve Brexit – and to achieve Brexit we must fight for Freedom of Speech. We do not want those who label opponents as racists, fascists, and hateful to determine whom we can listen to. Above all, we do not want to see the police and worse, EUROGENDFOR, determine who can and cannot have their say.

The fight is not over, it continues – it has to continue!

As we said two years ago, winning the Referendum is not the end – it is perhaps the end of the beginning.

Let us not squander our victory!


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