Magnificent, patriotic, impeccable behaviour, bulldog spirit, joyous, defiant, vocal, loud, good humoured, outraged and concerned citizens, true Britons, well organised, well policed, the whole country represented, large crowd.

These are the words I would use, to sum up, the Brexit Rally in London on Sunday 9th December 2018, which I was proud to be part of alongside my friends from Milton Keynes.

The wide support for Gerard Batten was clear for all to see and hear. A tremendous way for him and his fellow UKIP top brass on the stage including Paul Oakley, Stuart Agnew, Neil Hamilton, Liz Phillips, and Alan Craig to round off what was a hugely busy and pivotal week for the Party.

The week had seen several old school prominent UKIP people resign their positions with the Party. Nobody likes to see people who have worked tirelessly for a cause to feel the need to step down, but I believe these people have misread the feeling on the streets of ordinary British people, as comprehensively represented on Sunday in Central London. The thousands upon thousands of people marching with the huge crowd are tired of the lies being told by the Westminster class, by the conniving shenanigans in The Palace of Westminster. Constantly comments were heard like “Traitor MP’s” “noses in the troughs” “they are ignoring us” “we want out” Brexit means exit” “UK out”. The trust in politicians these people have is very low indeed. They are fed up with the lib/lab/con dishonesty and ignorance of the will of The People. They are desperate for a credible political force to represent them and secure their instruction to leave the failed EU.

This crowd was assembled with just a couple of weeks’ notice. Nobody else has arranged a pro-Brexit Rally. But the combined appeal of Tommy Robinson, Gerard Batten, and UKIP concluded in a show of the defiant British spirit reacting to the present political reality.

Stuart Agnew UKIP MEP spoke and said to all his resigning fellow MEP’s “to hell with you”. His colours being nailed firmly to the support of Gerard.

I would say to people like Nigel Farage, Patrick O’Flynn, Peter Whittle, Catherine Blaiklock, Paul Nuttall, Suzanne Evans, et al. who have thrown their toys out of the pram this week over Gerard teaming up with Tommy Robinson in organising this Brexit Rally, you should have done what I did, walked with these people, spent a few hours with them, talk with total strangers who share the same concerns, feel the mood, read the often funny but staggering piercingly worded placards, this is where the votes are, this is where the future is, this is where the need is. I reckon quite probably a big number of the crowd are people who previously have not voted. Something like 35 % of the electorate does not vote, just imagine if these people can be persuaded to become voters because of this new honest type of politics on display with the rapidly evolving new UKIP!

As well as the wonderful placards and those in humorous mocking dress, I saw flags representing England, Scotland, Wales, Britain, France, Israel, For Britain and UKIP.

The honesty I describe came through in all the speeches. Gerard gave his typical no-nonsense, common-sense words delivered with passion. Tommy clearly mentioned the obvious fear that the Establishment have with him and this growing partnership with Gerard and UKIP. A veteran soldier, Simon, passionately spoke about the military unification happening now with EU nations. Paul Oakley spoke about the new UN Treaty to make legal illegal migration, yes you heard that right they want illegal immigration to no longer to be illegal, he mentioned a whole stream of nations who have already declined the UN’s most gracious suggestion, including Hungary, Poland, Israel and Italy but guess what, our very own Treason May feels it’s a wonderful idea! Carl Benjamin gave a few humorous quips on the EU, lightening the mood a little. Welsh Kipper Neil Hamilton spook about his 50 years of fighting off the EU / EEC since 1967. Northern Ireland’s Roland Hill spoke about the northern Irish perspective and their fear of being broken away from the rest of the UK and being subservient to the EU and closed his speech with a “we are not for sale” statement right out of the Ian Paisley school of oratory. Mike Shaw told of how his fishing industry has been kicked around since the very first Ted Heath days and how he longs for the 200-mile international waters limit to once again aid his fellow fisherman. An MP from the Czech Republic travelled all the way to London to speak and inform the appreciative crowd of how the European’s are looking to the British to yet again show them the way to go ( with leaving the EU ) Liz Phillips briefly spoke how we should cherish the time honoured “innocent until proved guilty” maxim, contrary to how the Europeans operate. Lord Pearson commented on how MP’s in Parliament are only interested in votes and how important it is for UKIP to capture these all-important votes and field as many candidates as possible up and down the country.

The event was finished off with the singing of Rule, Britannia and The National Anthem with enthusiastic participation from the crowd. And all compered most effectively by Mr. Alan Craig.

A jolly good event.

Will the Establishment be listening? You bet they will be.

Next event, outside Parliament on Tuesday, be there if you can.

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