During the past weeks, we’ve watched the unedifying spectacle of the unelected “Lords” voting repeatedly to wreck Brexit, setting themselves against the will of 17.4 million people.

This led to the petition to abolish the House of Lords, which by now we’ll all have signed. It will be debated on June 18th, 2018.

Whoever selected that particular date should be congratulated. It is of huge historical significance. On June 18th, 1815, the Battle of Waterloo took place. This battle, as all who have had some vestiges of historical education in school know, was won by the First Duke of Wellington. It saved Europe from Napoleon and put an end to decades of warfare in Europe.

When we voted for Brexit we voted to take back our Sovereignty. Sovereignty seems to be a nebulous issue for Remainers. They insist that Brexit is all about trade, about losing access to the Single Market and the Customs Union – and never mind that this would be Brexit in name only. Brexiteers, they say, wanted sovereignty and what could be a better sign of that than having Parliament, in the form of both chambers, force the current government to thwart the will of the people and make us creep back under the boot of Brussels!

There is, however, more to this Brexit wrecking, this abject surrender to the EU. We know that the HoL as it now is, has only got 98 hereditary peers. All the rest are Whitehall Civil Servants, politicians of LibLabCon well past their sell-by date, cronies of past PMs – past financial peculations all forgiven – and some bishops who’re more interested in transgender agendas than the spiritual well-being of the ordinary people.

We’ve learned that all Whitehall civil serpents now in the HoL voted for every single Brexit-wrecking amendment. We also know that everyone who is in receipt of money from the EU – from institutions like the BBC to former Brussels commissioners (take a bow, my Lords Patten, Mandelson, Kinnock) now in the HoL, as well as former MEPs, must support the EU or lose their EU pensions and handouts. For all those, money – EU money from our taxes which have swelled the EU coffers – trounces principles. Oh, they do go on about ‘principles’ in lofty speeches, but behind all that hot air is the fear of losing what they regard as their due: money. The will of the People? Forget it: people are thick, uneducated, and just need to be told … back into your hovels, peasants! It is worth noting en passant that only 4 of the 98 hereditary peers voted with the Brexit wreckers.

So what have the Dukes of Wellington got to do with this? It’s quite simple and quite extraordinary: the First Duke beat Napoleon – the Ninth Duke wants us to stay under the Napoleonic boots. This is no exaggeration.

It’s no secret that Napoleon wanted a ‘United Europe’, from the Atlantic coast of Portugal to the steppes of Russia. He called it ‘Empire’, with his family as satraps governing what used to be independent countries. He demanded that all were subjected to one law, the Code Napoleon, which has been taken as the model in many countries even after he abdicated. It has now been resurrected as “Corpus Juris”, the EU Law meant to supplant our own judicial system – a system which was founded and grew over the 800 years of our freedom.

In order to administer this Empire, Napoleon set up the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) which provides the backbone of the French Civil Service. It should not come as a surprise that it is also the backbone of the EU administration. M Barnier went through this school. WWII and Vichy France illustrate that Germany and France can and will cooperate happily when it’s about ‘unifying Europe’.

That Napoleonic dream was stopped bloodily 203 years ago at Waterloo by the 1st Duke of Wellington, with the sacrifice of British blood. Yes, there were Prussians – but make no mistake, those who died were mostly British Redcoats. Who held Hougoumont? Not the Prussians!

But that Napoleonic dream has never died. It only went underground. The EU is the latest incarnation of it. Brexit is the revived fight against it. It is therefore utterly shameful that another Duke of Wellington, the 9th, is now busily trying to undo what the 1st Duke achieved.

He is one of the movers of the Brexit wreckage, according to this report. He receives EU handouts. He is no patriot. He tramples on the achievement of his truly illustrious ancestor; an achievement bought with the blood of the forefathers of us modern-day peasants.

This 9th Duke stands in direct line with those who were fascinated by Napoleon during the Napoleonic wars, who thought our Nation ought to have made peace with him and accommodated him, who were against spending money on the Peninsular War and who have denigrated the victory there, the victory at Waterloo, and the 1st Duke himself ever since.

They understood nothing but money then – and they still do not understand anything else. They did not understand then that Napoleon scorned them as a ‘Nation of shopkeepers’ and do not understand now that they confirm that scorn, 200 years later, by their despicable attempts to wreck Brexit.

Well, we ‘fine fellows’, acknowledged as such by the 1st Duke, are ready to stand up against that renewed Napoleonic menace called EU. We will stand against all those who want us to submit again.

It surely is ironic that on the anniversary of that famous victory 203 years ago – a victory which brought peace to Europe for 50 years – Parliament will debate on the abolition of the House of Lords because of the wreckers in ermine, led by that feeble descendant of the Victor of Waterloo!

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