The farce that is the Brexit ‘negotiation’ reached a new low this week. First, on Sunday, we had leaks from the Barnier cabal that all was well and a signing-on-the-dotted-line was expected at the Wednesday EU summit. Then Minister Raab was reported to have scuttled off to Brussels on that same Sunday, to tell M Barnier that no, we’d not sign up to this.

In the following days we heard about new Brexit ‘creations’, from backstops to backstops, to extending the transition period, to what we would and wouldn’t pay. Anybody that is anybody in this Brexit miasma had their say in the MSM.

Then this week’s main event: that Summit in Brussels. Well, it didn’t go well, Ms May, did it! I’ll get back to that in more detail below. Let me just say here that the voices for Ms May to go are getting louder. They are very careful, but reading between the lines the exasperation is there for all to see. So far the calls are for dropping the whole thing and just Leave with a No Deal. John Redwood MP says it very clearly in his Diary:

“As the EU does not want to do a deal on our future relationship anytime soon the UK must leave in March 2019 without signing the one sided and damaging Withdrawal Agreement they propose. We can then proceed to negotiate a free trade agreement with them if they want to. Many Conservative MPs are making it clear to the government that we will not support legislation seeking to prolong transition, nor will we support 21 months transition and large payments for no good reason. So far there is no sign of any deal better than just leaving. Extending our period under their control would take us into another 7 year spending period where the EU would not doubt want even more money from us.”

Today’s editorial in the Daily Telegraph shows the exasperation which is now wafting through Westminster. We’ll have to wait with bated breath for what she and the Tory Grandees will do over the weekend. If even a Remain Tory MP is going public with his “s**tstorm” critique – I’m only quoting him, see his article here! – then we can predict stormy weather ahead for Ms May.

I would however remind all who are rightly calling for Ms May’s head to be fully aware that any new PM would get the same poisonous advice about Brexit, about the proceedings of the Brexit negotiations from the Whitehall Mandarins as she has been and is given. The Ollie Robbins are legion …

But let’s turn our eyes to the other side, the EU. The pictures from Wednesday evening and the reports, of Ms Merkel, M Macron and the Belgian and Luxembourg PMs ‘enjoying’ a beer and some chips in an open-air pub in Brussels while Ms May had her lonely dinner at the UK Embassy speak for themselves. Moreover they show precisely what the 27 think of us. Have a look here – Ms Merkel and M Macron spend more time enjoying themselves than listening to Ms May – that says it in a nutshell. The 27 apparently think that all they have to do now is sit back, let Ms May twist in the wind, enjoy her demise and get the Remainers to do the dirty work for them.

Ms May was given time, graciously, like a penitent, to ‘present’ our latest proposals to the 27 and then had to leave them to their deliberations. She was not given time for a Q & A. The verdict was that she hadn’t said anything new, they’d heard it all, so go back, UK, and do more homework. One remarkable observation by one of the 27 was that she and by extension the UK, is ‘not one of us’ …

What could be clearer: no matter what contortions Ms May and our negotiators are going through, the EU will say ‘no’. Has our lot still not realised that there are only two options: crawling on our knees to the mighty EU and accept their punishment – or just walk away? How long will our lot let our country, our people be humiliated by the EU and the 27? Can’t even the Remainers, the Blairs, Heseltines, Cleggs and Majors excepted (yes, that lot had gone to Brussels again to wail), see that they are instrumental in humiliating us? It’s not just Ms May and her Whitehall civil serpents who are the traitors!

But there’s one more thing. We’ve been told repeatedly by the mighty Brussels machine that Ms May hasn’t done enough, that the UK isn’t doing their homework, putting more, ‘better’, proposals on the table. We’re being told how industries don’t know what to do and it’s our fault. There are now short reports dotted across the international MSM how Germany, France and even Whitehall are ‘working’ on preparations for a No Deal Brexit. I expect those French and German ‘preparations’ to be as punitive as they can make it. I also predict that they will be leaked judiciously over the next months to create a greater, better, EU “Project Fear” to get us to agree to BRINO.

However, this headline caught my eye: US threatens to block European banks from exchanges over Brexit derivatives deal  (read a less terse article here).It’s business, it’s money and it’s a warning shot for the EU and especially France and Germany who want to destroy the London Financial Market. You can ask yourselves why this is not one of the things our MSM and politicians have been talking about. Also, it now turns out, the shiny, ever so well-prepared EU negotiators have not done their homework – something they keep accusing us of. Do read the short article! Take note of the sums involved! There is no better example to illustrate the shell game the EU is playing with us: look at the squirrel that is the NI border, don’t look at the EU trying to destroy the UK economy, through the destruction of the London Financial Market …

Brexit, dear readers, is not and never was like a divorce. It was and is war – economic war – against Great Britain. It’s about punishing us economically by all and any means.

Lets slam the door on them once and for all!

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