Throughout the EU referendum campaign a common refrain among our low information Remainiac friends was “Brexiteers can’t tell us what Brexit looks like”. They confected great concern that there was no Brexit plan, and that the whole idea was far too complicated, so we shouldn’t bother.

This, of course, was simply another manifestation of Project Fear. Yet another Remainer lie intended to scare people into voting against their better judgement and instinct and for what the Remainers falsely presented as the “status quo” (could any Remainiac ever tell us what Remain looked like? Or even what our EU contributions would be in 5 years time?)

As with everything else that came out of the Remain campaign, this “argument” was easily disproved. Had they bothered to look, several detailed plans of what Brexit looks like and how it might be implemented were available. UKIP’s Brexit Spokesman, Gerard Batten MEP, has just published another one.

Spending some time with this document will be richly rewarded. To say it is comprehensive is an understatement. It covers everything from why Article 50 is a trap, to the legal case for unilateral withdrawal, to farming, to immigration, to justice, to Gibraltar, to defence, and much, much more. Whatever the Brexit question, the answer is sure to be in here somewhere.

At 116 pages long it is too long to reproduce in full here, but we will whet your appetite with the introduction, and recommend that you download the full PDF and treat it as your Brexit Bible.




Brexit Must Mean Exit!

Taking Control

The UKIP Plan for Leaving the European Union


The purpose of this document is not to restate the arguments for Britain’s exit from the European Union, that case was made, and won on 23 rd June 2016.
The purpose of this document is to describe how HM Government and Parliament could and should fully implement the Referendum decision and leave the European
Union as quickly and completely as possible: thereby restoring Britain’s status as a sovereign, independent, self-governing nation.
The format of this document is to describe what HM Government needs to do in order to achieve a speedy and complete withdrawal from the European Union. It also describes the
most important areas of policy now controlled by the EU, and summarises the relevant background to each one. Some areas, such as trade and immigration, have been covered here
in more detail than others because of their importance or complexity.
The original intention was for this document to propose policies in each relevant section. At that time, the next general election seemed to be far off in 2020, but we were overtaken by
events and a snap general election was called for 8th June 2017. UKIP now faces a new leadership election and therefore detailed policy ideas are
omitted; and while UKIP policies are not given in detail here, in some areas policy options for HM Government are proposed.
The European Union has spent the last forty-four years invading every nook and cranny of our national life like some kind of legislative Japanese knot-weed. This document is therefore
non-exhaustive and cannot cover every eventuality, impediment and objection that will be raised by those seeking to impede or reverse Britain’s exit from the EU, in the myriad areas
of legislation now under the control of the European Union. If we had to negotiate our way out of every single piece of EU legislation before we can leave, then we would never leave at
The United Kingdom joined the European Economic Community on 1 st January 1973 by means of the European Communities Act (1972). It is the European Communities Act
alone which makes the UK a member of (what subsequently became known as) the European Union, under UK law. We are not members of the EU because of any EU
treaty or piece of EU legislation. Parliament took us in and Parliament can take us out.
It is tempting to retell the tale of the lies and deceit that took Britain in to the EEC in 1973; to tell of the unconstitutional and unlawful basis of our membership since 1973; to tell how the
British electorate were deceived and lied to by every Prime Minister since we joined, and how they were denied a decision in referenda on all the subsequent and seismic transfers of
power to the EU under treaties such as for example the Treaty on European Union (1992), and The Lisbon Treaty (2007); however, in the interests of brevity this temptation has been
What is addressed here is the legal and political basis for British withdrawal from the EU using the sovereignty of Parliament, and under our own law, and how we can disentangle
ourselves from the web of EU law which currently has supremacy over UK domestic law.
The UKIP Exit Plan sets out how HM Government can seize the initiative and take control of the leaving process: and that means repealing the European Communities Act (1972) as the
first step in the leaving process, not the final step.

Repealing the Act puts HM Government and Parliament in control of the leaving process and not the European Union.The British people should ask themselves why HM Government is not implementing the UKIP Exit Plan now, and if not, why not?



Please download and read the full document here

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