[William Pitt the Younger in Westminster]


Next week – on the 19th of October, to be precise – ‘our’ lot and the EU will have a so-called crunch meeting on Brexit. Since the end of Conference Season, our MSM are bursting with “Brexit News” – from the apocalyptic to the ridiculous. The hoary old Project-Fear predictions are trotted out yet again, from flights being suspended, lorries stacked on our motorways, no travel, no medicines, no food, no Grand National, to the ever-more hysterical threats of May’s government being blackmailed by the DUP, by Blair’s Lies, by threats of Tory MPs warning of a Corbyn government, of a Second Referendum  … There are more calls for a ‘meaningful vote’ either in Parliament – btw, no-one has explained what ‘meaningful’ means : do we have to assume that generally, votes in Parliament are not ‘meaningful’? – or for another ‘meaningful people’s vote’ because obviously, all us Leave voters cannot have been ‘people’ …

Worse is the spectacle of Leave and Remain MPs, of reporters and opinion writers coming out day-by-day, sometimes hour-by-hour, with new Brexit proposals with ever more exotic descriptions, from Chequers++ (? No, me neither!) to Canada+++ to Canada++ to Brussels — (I made that last one up, but it fits) to ‘Backstops’, to ‘more money for the EU’, to ‘let’s stay in another year and pay’ to ‘here’s another elegant cave-in’. The simple statement of our votes, “OUT means OUT” is apparently too complicated. It’s as if, in a variation on the quip about opinions and assholes, everyone has a Brexit ‘solution’, and every single one stinks.

Meanwhile the EU juggernaut is rumbling on and we’re being squashed. Not that our revered MSM are even bothering to connect the dots. From our fishteries being destroyed because we’re still ‘IN’ to more internet censorship, to the expansion of “EUROJUST” (see Gerard Batten’s speech here): our government and our MPs of all rosette colours and all shades of Leave and Remain are blithely disregarding what these next years will mean for our country while we’re still ‘IN’.

It is as if we’re not just watching the wrong film, it’s as if we’re locked inside the wrong cinema while TPTB outside rearrange our country!

For two years I’ve not held back with my opinion that the actual traitors are those that sit in Whitehall. Across the Big Pond people have talked about ‘draining the swamp’, voting in Donald Trump. Here, it seems, our swamp dwellers have become even more numerous. They’re like a giant octopus strangling our country, applauded and supported not just by our own Remainers but by the Brussels machine, from Juncker and Barnier to their various minions, commissioners and ‘negotiators’, all aided and abetted by EU politicians like Macron and Merkel and a slew of minor ones.

Not only have our government ministers done nothing to re-establish the primary of policy over administration in regard to Whitehall, they have happily washed their hands and let the Mandarins get on with keeping us in the EU. Meanwhile they ‘perform’ for us plebs, showing us their ‘commitment to the cause’, be it Leave or Remain.

This has a long tradition. Let me first quote somewhat extensively from an article by Charles Moore in today’s Telegraph because it is behind a paywall:

“In more than 30 years of covering the subject, I have noticed that most British politicians who want to get on in life attack Brussels rhetorically but usually give in to it. I have also noticed that most British officials treat EU membership like being a Christian in the 17th century – some are ardent, some fanatical, some cynically tokenistic, but almost none is a declared atheist. It is, for bureaucrats, an attractive combination of a belief system and a gravy train.

Two things have surprised me, though. The first is the official incompetence. In the past – over the Maastricht Treaty, for example – I thought our civil servants were aiming for the wrong goals, but doing so with skill and success. The Brexit process has revealed how low-grade our mandarinate has becomeconfused in the departmental allocation of tasks, negligent in diplomacy, back-to-front in negotiation. Its only excuse can be that it actively wants the talks to elongate and founder.

The second surprise is the failure of the Government to see political advantage in Brexit. Never in British history has a governing party been empowered to act by so many votes. Nearly 3.5 million more people voted for Brexit than for any party at any UK general election.”[My emphasis]

Just so!

But if you think that this particular attitude of traitorous behaviour of our government is something new and special, sadly I have to tell you that it isn’t. There’s a famous precedent in our history which occurred a bit over 200 years ago, during the Napoleonic wars. Hands up anyone who has heard of the “Peace of Amiens”! Read the wiki – notice any parallels with today’s Brexit negotiations?

Superficially this was ‘good’ because —>>> Peace! The PM under whom this Treaty was negotiated was Henry Addington*) who had replaced William Pitt the Younger as PM in 1801. He represented the “Peace” fraction but was forced out when that Treaty finally broke down.

He and his allies in Parliament can, tongue-in-cheek, be described as ‘early Remainers’ – and see what good this treaty did for us: a longer and more bloody war costing more lives – until the end at Waterloo.

This is where we are today: we’re letting ourselves be bamboozled by the Leave & Remain show while the EU, just like Napoleon then, is rearming, tightening the noose around our necks with the help of our Mandarins while our establishment celebrates their own performance and our MSM yet another “Royal wedding”.

Sadly there is no Pitt today, to kick out of office our contemporary Addington, Ms May. Sadly there are no MPs insisting that there’s no negotiating with tyranny. They speak nice words but don’t do anything.

It would be a historical irony if their behaviour were to lead to a replay of the French Revolution because, like the French aristocrats, they do not understand that we voted OUT because we want to be sovereign in our country.

Perhaps it’s not even a Pitt we need – perhaps we need a new Oliver Cromwell …



*) A delicious historical footnote: PM Addington, in a reverse cabinet reshuffle, later became Home Secretary …


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