The bloke in the picture above is a nonentity. He’s an unelected British state bureaucrat who is paid more than the Prime Minister. His nickname is ‘Olly’ and his role is to negotiate with his fellow bureaucrats in the European Union ostensibly to extricate the UK from the EU. In fact, Olly’s heart is in keeping the UK in the European Union. Olly represents the total failure of democracy in the United Kingdom. Olly was appointed to his role – which is primarily to shape the future of our nation for generations to come – by the British Prime Minister, Theresa May. Theresa May is an utter disgrace of a politician and an affront to the office of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Consequently, I wrote the following letter to the Moray Conservative & Unionist Association, of which I’m a reluctant member, expressing why I think that my Member of Parliament should support the removal from office of Theresa May:

In June 2016, I voted for the UK to leave the European Union. Prior to the EU Referendum I had argued forcefully the case for the UK to recover its sovereignty. I did this informally in conversation, in letters to newspapers and through my website, Moraymint Chatter [1].

Cutting to the chase, I’m appalled at the Conservative government’s response to, and handling of the people’s decision to have the UK leave the EU.

The most recent YouGov poll shows that just 16% of voters feel that Mrs May is leading the handling of the Brexit negotiations well. Notwithstanding, on 24 July the Prime Minister announced that she would be taking control personally of the UK’s negotiations with the EU. This bodes well neither for the country, nor for the Conservative Party.

Furthermore, Mrs May has made it clear how the Brexit negotiations will be managed in practice. The Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, Dominic Raab, will be subordinate to a civil servant, Mr Oliver ‘Olly’ Robbins. Mr Robbins will handle the Brexit negotiations on a day-to-day basis and keep the Prime Minister informed of his decisions and progress as he sees fit. Mr Raab will deputise for Mrs May. The Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union is, therefore, nothing of the sort. On this basis alone, Mr Raab should resign forthwith. I would.

The democratic decision of the British electorate to end rule by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels is to be shaped by unelected bureaucrats in Whitehall whose sympathies lie squarely with the European Union. Mrs May is demonstrating a bizarre understanding of how a democracy should function. However, I’m not surprised at this since Mrs May herself voted for the UK to remain governed by the European Commission. Indeed, on being appointed Prime Minister, Mrs May then assembled a Cabinet the majority of whom would also prefer that the UK remained governed by the European Commission.

Is it any wonder, therefore, that the British government’s handling of the Brexit negotiations can best be described as a fiasco, and that over 80% of the country thinks along the same lines?

Mrs May is a disastrous Prime Minister. She is a liability both to our country and to the Conservative Party. However, perhaps what surprises and angers me more than Mrs May’s and the government’s incompetence is the willingness of Conservative MPs to shore up a bungling Prime Minister and Executive. This is not how our democracy is supposed to work.

On a parliamentary constituency basis, the country voted by 421 to 229 seats to leave the European Union; the actual Referendum result was skewed heavily by a relatively small number of Remain-voting constituencies in London and Scotland. On a regional basis [2], again the decision in favour of leaving the UK was 9 regions to 3, with London, Northern Ireland and Scotland skewing the overall Remain vote.

As an aside, quite why the Scottish National Party, whose raison d’etre is an independent Scotland, should want to see Scotland governed by Europe’s very own King George II, Jean-Claude Juncker, I’ve no idea. Indeed, I was surprised and disappointed that so many Conservative politicians expressed a preference in the EU Referendum for governance of the UK by a foreign oligarchy, but that’s so much water under the bridge. The EU Referendum vote was not about economics, it was about sovereignty, freedom and democracy. Thankfully the majority of British people understood this, even if many Conservative politicians didn’t.

The point is that there is an enormous grass-roots desire to have Parliament grip our shambolic Executive. However, this pressure, this desire for the balance of power to rest with the people (where it should rest, of course) seems to be going quite unnoticed by too many Conservative Members of Parliament. I wouldn’t expect socialists or liberals to comprehend this current failing of our democracy, but I really do expect the Conservative Party to get it.

So what? Well, the Parliamentary Conservative Party must remove Mrs May from her role as Prime Minister as a matter of urgency. Conservative MPs must write to the Chairman of the 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady, in strength and trigger a change of Prime Minister. The new Prime Minister must be a Leave-voting politician. That new Prime Minister must then assemble a Cabinet the majority of whom voted Leave in the EU Referendum. The new government must then extricate the UK from the EU, lock, stock and barrel. Its focus must be not on being seduced by the arguments and nonsense of ‘Project Fear’, but on the positive vision of the UK’s future expressed so ably by Boris Johnson in his resignation speech to the House recently.

My fellow Association members, despite what you read in the increasingly hysterical, pro-EU mainstream media (ably led by the BBC, of course) and the organisations that feed it – ‘big business’, the UK’s fanatically Europhile Establishment (Olly Robbins comes to mind) and, regrettably, the majority of the political class – leaving the European Union absolutely is not life-threatening.

On the contrary, aside from the defeatist attitude of the majority of the British political class, the UK is in fact a self-confident, outward-looking and highly capable nation state with a thousand-year history of economic, political and social progress which can and will thrive in a post-EU world. The European Union itself is doomed on the back of the Euro currency, open borders and uncontrolled migration, and Brussels-centred, undemocratic authoritarianism. It is a matter of time before the EU implodes and the sooner the UK is out of it, the better.

In conclusion, my request is that my Member of Parliament, Mr Douglas Ross, writes to Sir Graham Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Committee, expressing his lack of confidence in Mrs May as Prime Minister. However, if Mr Ross feels obliged to support Mrs May and the Executive then I shall not vote Conservative at the next General Election. Indeed, I shall argue and fight tooth-and-nail for any political party other than the Conservative Party which will, on the matter of the UK leaving the European Union, have betrayed both conservatism and the good people of our United Kingdom.

[1].  If one types ‘Moraymint Chatter’ into Google, the website is the top-ranked item.

[2].  West Midlands (L), East Midlands (L), North East (L), Yorkshire and Humber (L), East (L), North West (L), South West (L), Wales (L), South East (L), Northern Ireland (R), London (R) and Scotland (R)

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Ed: This article was first published in Moraymint Chatter. We’re happy to  republish with kind permission by the author.

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