As the “Day of Freedom”, the 29th of March 2019, comes ever closer, it is time to ask what our establishment is hiding.

The papers are full of ‘Brexit debates’ – everyone and their dog has an opinion and, if they’re prominent enough, gets space to air them in the MSM. Comments by ‘ordinary’ readers flood in by their thousands and if one has followed these debates ever since Chequers it’s remarkable to see how what can only be described as “EU trolls” are to the fore. The odd thing is that these commenters would’ve been blocked or banned weeks ago had they shown a similar enthusiasm for yon Russian President …

However – none of the wise and not-so-wise journalists and columnists are actually saying anything of substance. It’s the same old game of pointing a finger and screeching ‘look, a squirrel!’, played by more and more hysterical politicians.

It’s no longer just about ‘Project Fear Mk ‘the latest’ – it’s now about Corbyn’s Labour and a general election and an extension to make our Brexit vote go away. You may have heard about this new entity “People’s Vote” – check out the video of their demo in Gloucester and of the attempt of the LibDems to scupper the Brexit vote in their Council. Check out the London’s Mayor demand for a second referendum with a statement that he expects ‘unrest’ in London and is preparing ‘his’ police for that eventuality.

There’s now even a ‘prediction‘  that Ms May may go for a second referendum in order to avoid a GE which would see Corbyn in No 10 – well, that’s by Boris’ sister, not a politician, but hey, all things are now possible! And Boris himself, in his latest column in the DT is now predicting a ‘car-crash Brexit’. It’s a racy headline, to be sure, but turns out to be a piece plugging Jacob Rees-Mogg’s group’s paper. Then there’s the news that Blair, Clegg and Major have been travelling round Brussels to plead for an extension so that there can be a second referendum …

So – what are they hiding behind this frenzy of calls for a “Second Referendum”?

Most obviously that they, our ‘bestest and brightest and greatest’ politicians of all rosette colours, are still not asking how come our ‘negotiating’ Mandarins have made such a Horlicks out of this! Not one ever asks why in the two years since June 23rd 2018 there has been no strategy for Brexit prepared in Whitehall. No column inches in the MSM are being given to asking why it is that The Establishment looks to be dead keen on thwarting the will of the people while acres are dedicated to the various Project Fears.

As an aside, since the protagonists for a second referendum have been and are still arguing that the result for Brexit was too close – here’s something to slap round their heads, especially round the head of Tony Blair. In the referendum for Welsh Devolution in 1997 (yes, that’s a long time ago …), turn-out was 50.22%, “for” votes were 50.30% and “against” votes were 49.70%. Now that’s what I call ‘close’ – but Blair went ahead and gave his Welsh Labour cronies the devolution anyway … and no chance of a call for a second referendum …

We can confidently conclude that all politicians now campaigning for a 2nd Referendum are in the pay of either the EU or other, more sinister figures, naming no names. That must be kept hidden as well.

Of course, all the despicable shenanigans just enacted in the EU – e.g. threatening Hungary with sanctions because the PM, Mr Orban, dares to stand against the disastrous immigration policy of Ms Merkel and by extension the EU can be hidden by our MSM. The same goes for Italy where the new government, especially Mr Salvini, the Italian home secretary, is also taking a stand.

What the EU stooges here in our country are therefore desperately hiding is that the issue of mass immigration will hit us should we stay. News of ‘immigrants’ trying to get into the UK are only to be found on Breitbart, or indeed on UKIP Daily – see Mike Hookem’s press release here.

And the latest twist is that M Macron and M Juncker have now homed in on the issue of “populism”. This is no longer the condemnation reserved for anti-immigration national parties, from The Netherlands to Sweden to Germany – it is, according to M Macron, the vital question for the EU. It’s about ‘EU values’ versus the low-brow, populist-nationalist, anti-globalist, selfish people in the whole of the EU.

Our ‘2nd referendum’ protagonists, our ‘Project-Fear’ protagonists are desperately hiding this because they know full well that this was exactly one of the reasons we voted for Leave: no uncontrolled immigration! It’s far easier to keep talking about the Irish border, the economy, the difficulties, than take a leaf out of M Orban’s or M Salvini’s book!

Let’s cut through the waffle about ‘car crash Brexit’: this is the last fight of the EU and the globalists to keep their boots on our necks, horrible populists that we are! It’s about facilitating the invasion of our Island by all those already sitting in Germany, France, Sweden and by those still coming to Italy and above all to Spain. 

When you go and talk about Brexit – arm yourselves with the images from Sweden, from Paris, from Calais and from the Spanish coasts and ask the 2nd Referendum protagonists if they realise that this is what it means to stay in the EU! This is what the Blairs, Cleggs, Millers and Majors want for us so they can look good on the globalist stage. And when a German politician now predicts that civil war is coming to the EU (see James Delingpole’s article here) then we can and must ask all those anti-Brexiteers why they want to involve us in such bloody show-down …


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