Romanian MEP Adrian Severin will stand trial in his country for allegedly agreeing to take money from fake lobbyists more than two years ago in return for introducing amendments to draft EU laws in the European Parliament, the Romanian press reported a month ago, yet this did not make the splash in our papers as you would expect.

The statement from the Romanian ant-corruption read:

“In his MEP capacity, [Severin] accepted, between December 2010 and March 2011, the promise of two people to give him €100,000 annually, in exchange for introducing favourable amendments and voting against amendments, according to the interests of the company they said they represented.”

In addition, according to the prosecution, Severin had accepted a proposed €4,000 fee for each working day spent pushing amendments or opposing them. During the same period, Severin had requested €12,000 in payment, and sent an invoice for this amount by email to his so-called ’employers’.

And yet not a peep in our media. Hmm.


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