The single biggest loser in this totally feckless and unnecessary election was  the SNP – losing votes and seats, handsomely losing the former leader Alex Salmond’s seat and that of its Deputy Leader Angus Robertson and 21 out of its 56 seats.Its abrasive leader Sturgeon has had to shelve IndyRef2 until at least after Brexit is concluded. Thus its sole raison d’etre has been scuppered and for its leader to pronounce such a postponement is massively negative and its future must hang in the balance. SNP is by far the most injured. One wonders how it will attract funding.

The Conservatives lost some seats in this self-defeating election and its victory will prove pyrrhic as they gained just enough votes to ensure that yet another election will happen in the foreseeable future.The Prime Minister’s authority has been damaged and it is clear she is not adequate to the task. Luckily for her, her government has now been beefed up by the deeply realistic DUP leader Arlene Foster who I hope will have a major role to play.

Before the election UKIP was suffering a major downturn in support and internal crises with multiple leadership contests. UKIP suffered the opposite of the SNP with its raison d’etre having been vindicated in last year’s referendum. UKIP had spent extravagantly during the 2015 general election and this election was a most unwelcome financial burden. In fact UKIP has competed in elections every year now since 2014 and is financially deflated. UKIP’s only MP resigned and  it could not retain the seat without him. Furthermore, UKIP entered into pacts not to stand against pro-Brexit MPs to ensure Brexit would happen. Thus many UKIP voters had no candidate to vote for. UKIP saved the Conservatives and thus Brexit.

UKIP’s crisis is existential rather than parliamentary as is being experienced by all the smaller parties which wax and wane. UKIP was heady during the Jimmy Goldsmith era, then waxed once more from 2010 onward and having won the referendum vote it is waning again, having a limited policy spectrum in the eyes of the public.

The Lib Dems lost Clegg and Olney and couldn’t make ground to re-elect Hughes.They will be treading water at best with no sign of them being influential in Parliament other than as anti-Brexit pressure group.

Let’s look at the chimera, the big mirage of the Labour non-victory. We have all seen the exultant triumphalist ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’-chanting at Glastonbury, borrowed from the football terraces. It signifies nothing for there will be no beginning of a messianic movement. ‘Tis but the emperor’s clothes seen through a miasma of LSD. Labour lost the popular vote and had too few seats to win. It was not a successful campaign and a draw is not victory. Was it acceptable or unimportant to lose by a small margin? If so, Labour is easily pleased! The Labour PR smokescreen is as thin as rice paper and fools only Labour.

UKIP must assert its Brexit vision having kindly given its vote to Brexit MPs. It’s time they returned the favour and sped up the process. UKIP wants Brexit! Enough delay! The PM wasted a year then inflicted a needless election on us all. She is still pussyfooting around. By now there should have been in place a cross-party delegation, in session every week, writing up the arrangements. Instead we have her tedious after dinner speeches going nowhere. Show us the results of your team’s negotiations and spare us the micromanagement. We pay politicians to do this for us! She has turned the Brexit movement into an orgy of debate which our pro-Remain media relishes hoping to thwart Brexit.

The result shows that no one party impressed the voter. It was a big thumbs down. We don’t have referendums very often and we have now been asked twice 45 years apart whether we want to remain in the EU. WE HAVE DECIDED TO LEAVE SO GET ON WITH IT!

Alas UKIP can only work with the players it has and our great orator-in-chief Nigel Farage needs to be permanently on call to speak to large crowds as he has done in Clacton, Grimsby and Doncaster without needing to tag onto any pop star’s tails unlike Corbyn in Glastonbury. Farage can stand alone and is a very valuable asset for whom there is no replacement. He needs to be out there delivering UKIP’S honest straightforward message as Trump did in USA declaring that US jobs had been sacrificed on the altar of globalism. The wave of populism seems to have stopped at Calais and there will be no Trump figure in the Hague, Berlin or Paris.

The British people voted for Brexit out of a sense of powerlessness, of disenfranchisement, and are sick and tired of being told what to do by a self-serving corrupt supranational body lining its own pockets. The British people utterly reject the EU’s ever closer union.Yet despite this clear message we have had not one single benefit from Brexit as we remain firmly tied to the EU solely as a result of the feeble PM’s lack of action. We are stuck with paying billions to EU and housing its vast number of residual citizens and their hangers-on.

UKIP must put out its message that we are not out of the EU yet, and if the media and PM have their way we will never be fully out. Repeal the ECA72 now, then negotiate. Stop EU migrant entry without visa now and use the point system in place for non-EU citizens. Let’s talk fisheries. Let’s wave goodbye to EU trade sanctions.


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