The British Isles is included in the geographical continent of Europe.  The nations of the continent buy a great deal more from their continental neighbours than they do from us. Maybe that is historical and related to sheer ease of transport across borders, or maybe they don’t really like us.  Partly for geographical reasons, we buy considerably more from Europe than we sell to them.

There are over 120 nations on Earth that trade with Europe without being governed by the EU or having any special social or political links to them.

It has to be made clear that the EU is a complex system of government comprising the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament.

The Commission now has 28 commissioners, one for each country in the Union, and over 23,000 civil servants who create legislation, directives, and regulations.  No-one controls or governs the work of the Commission and there is NO redress against it by the people being governed.

The European Council has over 350 appointed councillors with fixed numbers for every region in the EU.  Decisions on matters passed to it by the Commission are now decided by qualified majority voting.  This means that in order to prevent legislation that might be particularly damaging to a particular nation they would need to gain the cooperation of a majority of the other nations in order to prevent it becoming law.

Almost all subjects are now decided by majority voting, and the system requiring all countries to agree, termed unanimity, is rapidly being done away with.  Instead of any country now ‘being at the heart of Europe’ and having any real power, they are all being reduced to just one amongst the many.

Finally, there is the European Parliament with over 750 elected MEP’s.  To call it a Parliament is really a misnomer, as the word ‘parliament’ means the highest law making body in the land.  In the EU it has no real power, as laws, regulations, and directives come from the European Commission with the aid of the European Council.

Qualified majority voting is the norm in the European Parliament and there is a huge block of Socialist MEP’s that always ensure there is approval of anything that is for the good of the EU project, regardless how damaging to individual countries.   It exists to give an illusion of democracy to continue to deceive the people of Europe into believing they still have control over who governs them.

The laws, regulation, and directives flow from the Commission through the European Parliament and down to national governments, where they do not now have the right to stop them becoming law.  Every new piece of legislation tightens the grip of the EU over all the people of Europe.

David Cameron is promising that if returned to power with a majority Conservative Government, he will attempt to renegotiate the terms of a Britain’s relations with the EU. He either does not understand how the EU works or is also deliberately deceiving the population.

He must also know that austerity is not a vote winner, regardless how good it has been for the country in addressing the appalling financial mess left by the previous administration.  There would have to be something of a miracle for the Conservatives to even gain as many seats as they did in 2010.  So to promise a referendum on renegotiated terms if he gets a Conservative majority is a hollow promise.

Ed Milliband is now saying that a Labour Government will only hold a referendum if there is a significant attempt by the EU to gain more powers.  What more powers does it need that it doesn’t already have?  It doesn’t need any big changes anymore because it can achieve what it wants by the steady increase in regulation and directives.

The Labour leader knows this and is in effect saying that he wants the continuing process of nations losing identity and self-governance to become part of one great socialist superstate.

The EU control over our lives has already gone too far. So even if it were possible to halt further legislative controls, we have still already lost the democratic right to choose those who govern us.  Even the status quo is an unacceptable situation.

Nick Clegg and the Liberals are claiming that to leave the EU endangers 3 million jobs. How does that happen?  Europe has a trade surplus with Britain, so will it wish to put up trade barriers?  Of course not!  Will the French want to stop selling us farming products and wine or the Germans cars and other steel products?  Should we actually leave the EU there would be trade agreements in principle within 24 hours!

Essentially Labour, Conservative and especially the Liberals are all determined that Britain will continue to be subsumed into governance by the EU and will eventually cease to have any sovereignty or identity.  To me this is incomprehensible and illogical!

Some voters have made it clear to me that they must vote Conservative to prevent Labour getting back into power.  I sympathise with that desire and cannot understand why people are so quick to forget the mess Labour created in all areas of governance. If we continue our membership of the EU, it won’t be long before it will also control finance, taxation and state spending, then all three parties will be surplus to requirement anyway.

Voting for Labour, Conservative and Liberal will ensure that in the not too distant future the people of Britain and all other nations of Europe will be governed by what is becoming the EUSSR.

UKIP likes Europe and wants to trade with it, along with over 120 other countries, without being governed by it. Only a vote for UKIP is a vote to a return to true democracy and national sovereignty.

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