We are now entering the ‘home stretch’ of this weird election campaign so it behoves us to be especially mindful of what we say, be it while out campaigning or inside using social media.

However, there have been some developments in these last few days which are truly frightening and don’t bode well for the future of our country. That means we must speak out as politely as we can, giving no offence, although that may be very difficult.

Here are some ‘incidents’ which illustrate how close we are to losing our civil liberties.

Exhibit one:
The police were called in to investigate ‘hate crime’ for what one Parliamentary Candidate (of the DUP, in Northern Ireland) said at a hustings. The inimitable Brendan O’Neill describes this here asking the question we all must ask: do we really want a country where the police will feel our collars for a remark made during a political campaign, a remark for which the candidate made abject apologies?

It would seem so, especially in view of the fact of …

Exhibit two:
The Labour Leader Ed Miliband, in an interview with Muslimnews, has now joined the Tory Home Secretary Theresa May in pledging that “islamophobia” would be ‘outlawed’ and treated as a crime.

It doesn’t need much imagination to see where this will lead. It would have been impossible, for example, to get a particularly nasty electoral scandal exposed which finally ended up in court.

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets, a certain Mr Lutfur Rahman, and his party were shown to be guilty of the most egregious vote rigging and corruption – but those brave complainants who went to court would have had to face a judge themselves should the cartel parties gain unlimited power, because such great defenders of democracy like Ken Livingstone and George Galloway still claim it was Islamophobic to prosecute.

We can also see that the crimes of child sex abuse, for example in Rotherham, would remain unexposed and would not be prosecuted because that would be ‘islamophobic’. After all, these crimes went on for so long because a great number of people employed in Rotherham social services already were too frightened to act for fear of being called racist.

Our own outstanding Parliamentary candidate, Jane Collins MEP, would by now have been in prison, for the crime of ‘islamophobia’!

On top of that, given the way the MSM are trying their utmost to smear Nigel Farage and UKIP by association – see the report on this incident for example, where much is made about thugs turning up, and about his Labour opponent ‘getting abuse online’, but Nigel’s reaction is reported with a snide remark – we don’t need much imagination to see where this will be going in future.

We have no truck with thugs from the far right, but even they have the right to vote and to inform themselves. After all, the MSM accord that right to the loony left, for example in the form of a certain woman (read the report linked above, I’m not going to glorify her by naming her!) who is first and foremost in attacking – physically as well as verbally – Nigel Farage and UKIP. In that ‘bright future’ however, Nigel Farage and indeed any of us could have the police on our doorsteps for allowing a ‘hate criminal’ to turn up at a meeting, never mind arguing against her and her acolytes.

Is this the future we want for our country? A future where crimes won’t be reported, never mind investigated by the police or even prosecuted, because those who report such crimes will be deemed criminals for actually reporting such crimes?

A future where the mere presence at an election hustings of some unsavoury people, who don’t do anything except using their civic right of free association, is sufficient to criminalise all who attend, regardless?

A future where only a certain sector of the political spectrum are allowed to use and abuse their right of Free Speech?

A future which, on a lighter note, is already being ushered in surreptitiously by the establishment, who admonishes us ‘not to gloat’ when celebrating the 200 year anniversary of Waterloo …!

That is what the future holds if we don’t do our utmost in these last few days before May 7th.

The political forces arraigned against us have now dropped their masks, and the future for our country, for our liberties, is looking very grim indeed – and that in the year where we celebrate the 800 year jubilee of Magna Carta.

We cannot allow that grim future to happen!

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