Imagine it  –  hate it as they must have done, we’ve finally forced our Europhile politicians to give us, the British people, a Referendum on our membership of the European Union, a straight IN/OUT Referendum.   And we’ve voted OUT!

We’re free at last!

No longer ruled by a group dictatorship, Britain will be back to the democracy her people have fought for over so many generations. We shall have our own laws, for there will be no more directives and regulations pouring in from Brussels to be rubber-stamped by our weak and willing Parliament.

Our businesses will be able to disentangle themselves from miles of Brussels red tape and we shall be able to burst out into the world once more, to trade where we can and will. There is no fear that we shall be cut out of the remaining EU market because all European countries, whether in the EU or not, take part in the single market.  It’s common sense that the Germans will still be more than willing to still sell us their Mercedes cars, the French their wines and Greece their olive oil, especially if that country is also out and free.  As to the rest of the world – the US, the Far East, the Commonwealth – it’s our oyster.

Without the jealous EU able to prevent it, London will remain the world’s leading financial centre for international business and commerce and, contrary to common belief, UK manufacturing is increasingly strong already, making up over half of our exports and employing 2.6 million people.  The constant threat by ‘UK deniers’, as one might call them, that leaving the European Union will cost us three million jobs is laughable.

It will be possible to replace the infamous Human Rights Act with an updated version of the one we have always had and we shall be able retain to our own Common Law system of justice, where a defendant is innocent until proven guilty.  No longer will there be the fear of British citizens being arrested in their own country under a European Arrest Warrant which our justices cannot dispute and dragged off for trial for minor offences under the Napoleonic Code.

Britain’s place as an individual, sovereign country, will be maintained on the UN Security Council and, given the will, we shall be able to build up our own defence forces to once again ‘punch above our weight’ on the world stage.

Once again we shall become a sovereign, independent country with our own laws and legal system and with our people living under a democratic political system.

Time for street parties and fireworks, for bonfires to be lit from one end of our country to the other.

But as Winston Churchill said on VE Day – Victory in Europe Day –- at the end of the Second World War:

We may allow ourselves a brief period of rejoicing, but let us not forget for a moment the toil and efforts that lie ahead.

And, indeed there will be toil and efforts.

There will be howls of protest and continuing predictions of doom from those wedded to the idea of a union of all European nations and, perhaps, a global union. It will have to be arranged for British immigrants living and working in EU member states and for all EU immigrants living and working in Britain at the time of the Referendum to continue to do so. Despite this, there will be continuing demonstrations against ‘racism’ and the regained ability of the UK to control our own borders.  There might even be riots as all the thousands of EU laws which have flooded into our country since 1975 are gradually unpicked so that we can keep those which are of benefit to us and discard the rest.

It will take time.  Lots of time. And it won’t be easy.  But the first step, the most important step in regaining our freedom will be celebrated on –

Britain’s Independence Day!

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