A UK business organisation campaigning for a fundamental change in the UK’s relationship with the EU has announced that it has signed up over 1,000 business leaders.

Signatories to the British for Business campaign, who collectively are responsible for millions of British jobs, all support EU renegotiation followed by an In/Out referendum. This is in stark contrast to the position of the CBI leadership.

Polling by YouGov shows that business leaders support an EU referendum by 66 to 28 per cent, demonstrating that the CBI is out of touch with mainstream business opinion on this issue.

The CBI’s commitment to remaining in the EU at all costs is further undermined by revelations that they receive significant funding from the EU. In fact, the EU could well be the CBI’s biggest single donor.

Between 2009 and 2013 the CBI received a total of €936,272 (£800,841) from the EU.


Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of Business for Britain, said: “Judging business opinion on the EU through a CBI survey is about as accurate as judging the outcome of the next General Election by polling members of the Conservative Party

“The CBI vigorously campaigned to join the Euro, something that would have been an unmitigated economic disaster for this country and now its leadership are using the same arguments to warn against an EU referendum. They were wrong then and they are wrong now.”.”   

(The above is extracted from a Business for Britain press release issued on the eve of the most recent CBI Conference)

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