Yet again we have a horror story of child sexual exploitation, this time by depraved Somali men in Bristol. Having been given sanctuary in our nation to escape oppression and terror, they then see fit to repay our kindness by inflicting those conditions on young girls here. Their actions now stand alongside Oxford, Rochdale, Rotherham and Telford for scale and criminality. Politicians throw their hands up in revulsion and promise to take action, yet just witness the charade that is the Rotherham inquiry. What a distressing state we are in.

This nation provides the Means, for those who wish to strive; Understanding, for those who are ignored; Sustenance, for those who are hungry; Liberty, for those who are oppressed; Inclusion, for those who are victimized and Motivation, for those with inquiring minds. In short, it provides pretty much everything a person needs to live an enriched, productive and happy life… but from some of them, what thanks and appreciation do we get?

It was always my understanding that if I should wish to emigrate I would afford the chosen country the respect and courtesy of researching its customs, traditions, laws, history and, if necessary, make an effort to learn the language. I would expect to value, engage in and live the way of my new land. And yet in this country we are daily reminded that there are large sections of a community firmly stuck in the pre-enlightenment era and determined to stay there. Their belief system hates free speech but gladly abuses it to spread its own warped message. It hates freedom of thought and sees alternatives as frightening. In countries where it is the only religion it frequently and openly forbids any other practice, often under severe penalty. And our timid politicians describe it as tolerant!

This nation is facing a constant threat and what is worrying and tragic in equal measure is that it has its origins from within. Islam seems to lead an unhappy life here, certainly for most bar a few enlighted and integrated adherents to that faith. Its restraints on thought, word and deed are contrary to what we have fought for and accepted as normal for many generations past. It seems to prefer isolation from mainstream society and only mixes when needs dictate. This breeds frustration and fosters contempt. Its treatment of women is disrespectful at best, criminal at worst and I find this offensive. In my country our ways are clearly not good enough to be treated with esteem by a vocal and over-sensitive minority, which has made the UK its home. A few even overtly threaten our national way of life and people have already died at their hands. In our homeland we feel the need to be alert to the possibility of more attacks from disloyal UK citizens.

Islam seems to thrive under three basic conditions; unquestioning acceptance, which enslaves the many and empowers the few; ignorance, which breeds fear of the unknown and thus fosters comfort in numbers; and denial, even when surrounded by reality. Every time it is mentioned it is always in a pejorative context: violence; bloodshed; barbarity; persecution; fanaticism; grotesque punishments for absurd ‘crimes’; restrictive practices; sexual exploitation; thin-skinned sensitivity to all manner of taboos – the list goes on. It is known for its females to be married off, sometimes when barely out of childhood. It wraps them in varying degrees of submissive attire from the mild headscarf to the divisive, threatening and all-enclosing black garb that resembles an exaggerated bank robber’s disguise. There is the practice of marrying first cousins regardless of the resulting genetic birth defects in their offspring, such as blindness and deafness.

The men are the trouble and one sure way to tackle the problems we are facing is to free and empower the women. Their culture’s representative body in this country, The Muslim Council of Britain, is entirely male. In my opinion, the government should insist half its members are independent women or it should refuse to deal with it. We should make clear that, without regard to culture, all females in this country must be treated equally, freely and fairly. But where is Labour, self-appointed but grossly derelict champion of women? They harp on about under-representation in politics, business and numerous other areas but when needed to promote and enforce the rights of repressed women in certain closed segments of our society, where genital mutilation and other monstrous abuses are practised in a climate of fear, they are mute. Labour won’t intervene in any meaningful way because they are concerned about lost votes in this large, increasing and what they now regard as their traditional electorate.

I say enough; our country, people and good nature are being abused. In return for the safety and opportunities we provide, it is only proper that we, the indigenous heritage citizens, have a right to expect certain standard of behaviour and commitment from all who choose to take citizenship. To enhance peace and advance social cohesion, I believe it is high time and perfectly reasonable for this nation to ask certain questions and seek certain assurances:

  • Will you state (or restate) your allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II?
  • Would you fight to defend this country if it was attacked, regardless from where that enemy came?
  • Will you tell the police if you are aware of the planning or commission of criminal or terrorist behaviour by members of your community?
  • Can we rely on you to be law-abiding citizens who accept that this country has a long, proud and rich history that existed long before you and your forefathers arrived here?
  • Will you strive to be full members of our society and accept it is you who have to adapt to us, not vice versa?
  • Will you accept that while you are free to worship your religion, this not a Muslim country?

We need to hear the answers and they need to be loud, clear and unequivocal.

To any who feel unable to commit whole heartedly to the United Kingdom then I say this: it would be much better for all concerned if you were to voluntarily move to a place where you felt you could give such a commitment.

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