There is no God, no Jehovah and no allaaargh. What we do have are the ‘explanatory’ writings of primitive, ignorant men who lived thousands of years ago and knew much less about how this complex world works than a eight-year-old does today.

These ‘holy books’ have given ‘holy men’ carte blanche to be power-hungry control freaks, interpreting ancient texts to their own advantage and using them to tyrannise uneducated people into doing their bidding for fear of torment in an afterlife. It’s pretty disgusting what some ‘holy men’ are capable of doing: messing with people’s minds – and exploiting their bodies while they’re at it, but that’s another disturbing story of the abuse of power.

Supplementing the ‘holy books’ are the additional pet theories, exigeses, tracts, haditha, sermons, and scribbles over the centuries of ‘saints’, bishops, archbishops, rabbis and imams about how you should live and what happens to you after death. The rank misogyny in all these writings is well known. Apparently, God, allaaargh, whatever, hates females and tells his representatives to do the same.

All of it is quirky or crazy nonsense, emanating from the sick minds of sadists who love the idea of making people suffer. One example: for centuries the RC church insisted that the souls of babies who died before baptism would all go to a supernatural nowhere-land called Limbo and stay there until God decided whether or not to admit them to Heaven. It is only quite recently that the Vatican revoked this doctrine, dismissed Limbo as a product of earlier times and announced that of course innocent babies who died would be admitted to Heaven straightaway. What transparent mumbo-jumbo, yet think of all the mothers over the centuries grieving for dead babies they believed were abandoned in Limbo and praying fervently to a figment of their indoctrinated imagination for them to reach Heaven! The ‘Pope’s Infallibility’ hotline to God was also dropped as a doctrine not so very long ago. Presumably, various Popes made such poor decisions on serious issues as to give God a bad name.

Most of us, perhaps even Roman Catholics themselves, can roll our eyes at such Vatican back-pedalling, but on the positive side it shows that the Christian Church can be self-critical, can see the absurdity of doctrines that seemed like a good idea at the time, admit that it was wrong and reform itself. It develops and evolves and adapts as everything organic on this earth must if it is to survive. The Vatican has apologised for the Inquisition’s favourite trick of burning heretics alive to give them a foretaste of Hell; it has admitted that it was wrong to persecute Galileo for stating that Earth revolves around the sun instead of vice versa; it has even conceded that the Theory of Evolution is not just a theory but a provable fact (set in motion by God, of course).

Islam shows no signs of dropping its belief that the historically invisible ‘muhammed’ had a hotline to allaaargh via the angel Gabriel, an overworked angel if ever there was one, constantly catering to the demands of three monotheistic religions to make appearances and announce things. In fact, islam has not changed one jot or tittle in fourteen centuries, which is genuinely frightening when we ask ourselves if we would like to be whisked back to the fanatically religious Dark Ages of 617 AD.

Every muslim is inducted into the faith straight from the womb, and thereafter instructed rigorously, if not violently, to believe the ridiculous and horrible threats in the koran, a book that exceeds even the Old Testament in its barbaric cruelties. With its sadistic emphasis on severe punishment and the repression or murder of anyone who deviates from its instructions on how to worship allaaargh, the koran/hadith encourages evil thoughts and hateful attitudes toward anyone who refuses to accept what they have been brainwashed to believe.

The koran is a grossly immoral book written over decades by many hands, commissioned by violent, ruthless, rival sheikhs and warlords who wanted to unify the conquerors and the conquered of a territory under one creed, the better to consolidate their control. It is an ideology that instructs its followers to lie, steal, torture and murder as long as those crimes are not directed against obedient fellow-muslims. Historically, ‘muhammed’ is a very shadowy figure and might not have existed at all as presented in the hadith, other than as an icon upon which to hang various doctrines and commands that suited the muslim warriors and leaders at the time. No one is going to change one word of the koran because ‘muhammed’ locked it down by saying that anyone who attempted to change anything in the koran was an apostate and deserved death. This was no idle threat.

The only way out of the appalling mess we, the British, are now in is to make it very clear to muslims that if they regard the demands of their religion as of immeasurably higher importance than being loyal to this country and its people, they are no longer welcome in the UK. It would be better for them to depart voluntarily for their true homeland without delay. Britain is far too advanced and sophisticated to put up with the backward nonsense of the koran and the aggressive territorial ambitions of islamaniac psychos.

We and our ancestors have worked long and hard to build a civilised society. We will not consent to be dragged down and back to the religious slavery of the Dark Ages!


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