“Dennis Thatcher in action!” – yes, this is his real name!


This is the amazing 87 year old Dennis Thatcher who must have leafleted a million houses in his staunch support of UKIP over the decades. In the run up to the Referendum he would happily set up a stall, sometimes single handed, twice a week in Brigham!


It was vile weather on Saturday (June 16th) and we were all soaked through but Lyn, Barry, Dennis and I flew the UKIP and Fishing For Leave flags all morning beside the main road in to Brixham on Trawler Race Day.

Dennis had never been out campaigning in high viz before.

The thumbs up and hoots from passing motorists were really uplifting … encouraged by me being trigger happy with the air horns.

We just got the middle finger and the accusation of being ‘Little Englanders’ from one motorist. I can’t tell you how deeply offended I felt – I am Welsh!

To get back to my account, I asked the indefatigable Dennis what he thought of this new approach…

’When are we going to do this again?’ was the reply.


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