Plans for a European Border and Coastguard are being held back until after the UK referendum on June 23rd for fears of bolstering the campaign to leave, UKIP can reveal.

The Regulation, which would allow the EU run organisation to enter the territory of a member state without permission if it feels there are grounds to do so has been quietly scheduled for initial voting in July.

The move was described as “treacherous” by UKIP defence spokesman Mike Hookem MEP.The proposal has been investigated by MPs in the EU scrutiny committee who have been asking the minister responsible, James Brokenshire, to inform them whether the government is planning to opt in or out of this regulation.

Plans seen by UKIP show that the EU agency will have its staff more than doubled, including a rapid reserve pool of border guards. As the second biggest contributor to the EU budget, this means that British tax payers will be funding this expansion all the while their own border agency is being cut.

The news comes off the back of the revelation that the EU are planning on banning hairdryers, kettles and toasters over a certain wattage but only after UK voters have had their say.

“This regulation looks like a significant move by Brussels to take further control over member states borders at a time when the UK government are insisting that they are in control,” said Mr Hookem.

“Even MPs have questioned this new power grab by eurocrats which would mean a non-UK agency could interfere even further in the security and defence of this country.”

Taxpayers should also be horrified that whilst their own domestic border force is being cute despite the heightened risk of attack by terrorists, made easier thanks to EU open borders as the devastating attacks in Paris and Brussels showed, they will be funding this new project.

“It’s no wonder the government has been so quiet on this proposal as the referendum draws ever closer. We can see how desperate the remain side are to terrify everyone into voting with them, and revealing this plan would quash any doubts that it’s Brussels who is in control of who comes in and out of the UK.

“How can Mr Cameron and his colleagues support a move which would allow foreign border agencies to operate in British waters without the permission of the British government? It’s treacherous.”

[Ed: This article, published at the UKIP website, needs as wide an audience as possible.  We republish it with kind permission, and would like to ask our readers that you share it.]

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