All bullies are much the same; they use might instead of right; they fear alternatives; they are unloved; they are cowards who will buckle when challenged in a determined way. Bullies are known to us from school and sometimes at work.  We’ve also seen rigid, unreasoning religious bullies; previously the Catholic Church in medieval Europe and presently an even more dangerous thug in the form of Islam.

Now we have a whole new set of bullies; those who want to intimidate, frighten and threaten us into staying in the European Union. All the big corporations and institutions wail about the consequences of us leaving as if civilisation hadn’t existed before. They don’t like non-conformists but then we don’t do conforming very well; it’s what made us great, once upon a time, and it can do again. We can row our own boat, march to the beat of our own drum and throughout our history we have known what to do to those who would subdue us. We saw off the Armada, defeated Louis XIV, trounced Napoleon and thwarted German tyranny twice.

But still they don’t learn. Yet again we are being ganged up on, this time by stale minds and weak hearts whose constant theme centres on, and revolves around, money as if that is all anyone cares about. It’s important, yes, but not the only reason for existence. They trot out what they call facts and deliver doom-laden forecasts as if they alone have some divine insight into what the future holds; they most certainly do not. So instead they attempt to scare. We do not need lessons in how to go it alone – we’ve simply forgotten. Upon leaving the EU, we may well change direction, make new friends and discover old ones, but we will not be alone.

They talk of uncertainty as if it is something in their gift to forestall – it is not. With good reason, we all suppose the sun will rise tomorrow but none of us knows that. With good reason we suppose that, on our way to work, we will not be hit by a bus but none of us knows that. If we feared these things, we would never go out, we would never achieve anything. If certainty was part of daily life we would all be able to pick the winning lotto numbers which would quickly be rendered pointless. Chance, calculated risk, adventure; these make life exciting. Instead, it seems we have become lethargic, doubting and timid.  What’s happened to us?

Just imagine if fear had stopped Captain James Cook setting out on his three famous and historic voyages or thwarted George Vancouver from exploring the west coast of North America. So important and remarkable were their exploits that the USA later named two of its space shuttles after ships which accompanied Cook (Endeavour) and Vancouver (Discovery).

Britain’s maritime heritage is further celebrated.  HMS Challenger explored the Pacific Ocean from 1872-76 and so profound were its results that it provided the basis for the modern science of oceanography. America named yet another shuttle after this British ship; yes, three of NASA’s fleet were named after British ships, our ships. Just imagine if fear had stopped the original 13 colonies seeking independence to go on to become the USA, the most powerful nation on Earth, after Britain relinquished that crown. Who do you think you are kidding Mr Juncker, if you think old England’s done!

I’ll make two predictions:

(1). If, as we hope, UKIP do well in the elections on 5th May then the ‘In’ campaign’s rhetoric will become increasingly desperate, perhaps foretelling of disasters in biblical form. The Thames will turn to blood, frogs will invade, locusts will strip the fields, etc.

(2). If we vote to stay in the EU, it will waste no time in dusting off a ready prepared ream of directives to drag us quickly and ever deeper into its clutches to make any future prospect of leaving all but impossible and the gutless crew in our government, of whichever hue, will do little to halt it. Remember, the initials EU could also be French for Etats Unis, which means United States.

If we vote to stay in, it will be us who are the cowards, us who let the bullies win, but it is not in our nature to yield. Let’s take this great and rare opportunity to vote to leave the wretched European Union. They are envious of us and do not want to see us succeed while they falter. They are the Titanic and we have this one lifeboat.

Make 23rd June freedom day then, on the 24th, rejoice and shout,

“Bully for Britain!”

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