From yesterday, most buses on Routes 26 and 27, plying between Canvey Island and Southend, sport large UKIP adverts as shown in the title picture. They look really effective, drawing voters’ attention to them and reminding them daily of the UKIP choice.

These routes pass through most of the Castle Point constituency, much of Southend West and some of Rochford and Southend East – we’d call that good value advertising, hitting 3 constituencies

Jamie Huntman, UKIP’s Parliamentary Candidate for Castle Point said, “This takes our message straight to Essex people seeking real change, from our Essex candidates, themselves real people from Essex.” Jamie is well placed to challenge the incumbent Tory MP, Rebecca Harris, the bookies offering marginally better odds for him winning than Ms Harris.

Brian Otridge, UKIP Daily’s Editor-in-Chief, standing in Southend West, and Floyd Waterworth standing in Rochford and Southend East are also in the running for their seats if Nigel’s ambition of UKIP holding the balance of power in the next parliament is achieved.

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