It is no surprise that the CBI are in favour of EU membership. They are part of the problem.

The majority of British businesses would vote to stay in the EU in a referendum, a senior business leader said on Monday as he warned that increasing eurosceptic rhetoric risked “shutting ourselves off from the world”.

Mike Rake, the president of business lobby group CBI and chairman of telecoms giant BT, told the CBI’s annual conference that membership of the European Union was “overwhelmingly in our national interest”.

But Mr Rake’s members are the clear beneficiaries of the overly bureaucratic EU, because they can afford to lobby the EU, they can afford to pay the regulatory and compliance costs while their smaller competitors cannot and get squeezed out of the market place. The CBI members enjoy the fact that their competition is unable to afford the costs of EU protection. The vast majority of UK firms are Small and Medium sized Enterprises, and they are getting bashed by the EU day in and day out. It is these firms, and the principles of free market activity that UKIP stand for. We do not welcome the champions of rampant protectionism like Mr Rake

Photo by DonkeyHotey

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